Psychics Can You Give Me A Free Negative Energy Cleansing?

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you can cleanse the negative enegy with a girl i like she has fear ,negative energy of fear on her side from past relationships 2 psychics said that created blockage
her name is khirah my name is brandon dunn 4/24/92
hey i might sound dumb but 2 psychic said she has negative energy blocking us from dating each other and the cleanse would clear that up and she would date me
but they want so much money

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John Serties

“Psychics” don’t do anything for free. All psychics are frauds who will tell you want to hear and take your money. Ignore this crap.

Shaman Val

Only if you come and dig my garden for free. 😉
Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

Arthur Always

I just gave you one.
The cleansing is always free but you owe me $50 for the processing fee.
Yeah, doesn’t it suck when people won’t work for free?

Paula W.

I am sending you a cleansing and it’s free. I sent it as you asked for one. I am a Reiki Master and it’s part of my oathe. You should be fine just one word of advice, becareful what you wish for especially when it comes to love! Namaste.


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