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Psychics, Am I in trouble at school?(psychic mediums only)?

right now i am having controversy in a class… can you see the situation any clearer than I can? What is necessary for me to do?

and it should be considering that the girl has been speaking about me.


  • You are not in trouble at school. Yet. You must walk a fine line for several months. There are muckrakers and troublemakers you are not even aware of now.
    Try something lucky. Those little salt packets from fast food- carry some in your pockets. A penny from the year of your birth in your left shoe. Lucky colors, lucky t-shirt, etc. Anything from positive superstition will help you.
    You have an enemy or a skilled adversary, she will try to pull you into negativity but you must stay positive and alert.
    You be OK.
    Miss Zoe.

  • All I see is someone likes you. I dont really think your in trouble. Somethings trying to get to me. But i cant see it…

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