psychic why do i feel so depress and heatbroken every time someone said the guy that i like is not into me?

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i feel like i’m about to die or have a heart attack, it hurt alot, i never felt this way before, i usually force on education, but now i’m thinking of him and how he treat me, its really hopeless and i don’t know what to do, but feel depress.

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Grow up!

Cross Martyr


King of the Limes!

That’s what school-girl crushes feel like.
Don’t worry, when you grow up you’ll become bitter and jaded towards love, just like the rest of us.


It is because you will not accept it. You don’t want it to be true. Of course this is depressing. Don’t need to be a psychic to tell you that.
You are so young, we all feel that way when we are young. It feels like your whole insides are being wrung out. But it also passes very quickly. Take a deep breath have a good long laugh and let it go.
We only ever have two choices in things like this. 1. let it destroy us, or 2. Let it go and find someone who really is into you.
You do not really want to force some one who does not like you as much as you do them into a relationship. It can only end one way.. in tears.
But be sweet to yourself, it is a hard thing at the time. 🙂
Practicing Shaman.. quantum physics rocks.

Joe Garry

You’ve gone through this before. Until you take your expectations of love and romance out of the fantasy realm, you will go through the obsession/depression cycle over and over. Experience your life in real time, talk to people and interact with them. Fantasizing or asking other people’s opinions is no substitute for first hand knowledge.


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