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psychic vampires?

i would like to know how to counter an attack of psychic vampire(s)? i pray a lot but it seems not to be enough sometimes.
thank you


  1. When they are around you, imagine yourself in a bubble. Put mirrors up in your home. Carry carnelian or fire agate stones. Avoid them as best you can.

  2. Try grounding yourself. There are a multitude of guides about grounding on the internet. It’s helped me greatly, as I’m empathic and tend to get “bitten” more often.
    Good luck! ^_____^

  3. Okay, if these are REAL psychic vampires (and I have yet to meet a real one, because so far those that have come up to me have only been phonies wishing to be something “cool” when they’re really just sad), I’d say practice meditating and strengthening your mind in general. If you can do so, not only will you feel better about yourself, but you’d be able to fight off these “vampires.”
    Honestly, I think you might just be tricking yourself into being “attacked.” It’s like when you give someone a placebo and they get better anyways because they believe they’re taking the real deal. You’ve obviously become under the impression that you’re attacked by psychic vampires, whether real or not, and your mind is succumbing to that thought. Try to at least pretend to think realistically and you’ll feel much better if you do it right, I promise. Good luck!

  4. pray often is a very good start
    also always remember to keep yourself clear of negative energy to not attract it
    get enough restful sleep
    pay attention to your dreams
    eat good exercise regularly ( a healthy body is the best defence)
    have a good loving attitude twords yourself and everything
    bless the individual you think is harming you
    keep your home/work space neat( physical dirt attracts physcic garbage)
    laugh every chance you get laughter is sure to break the bonds of negativity
    ask your angles/guides to help you
    most of all fulfill yourself with the light of god ask only the energy that is for your highest good reside in your body aura

  5. Here is a mudras technique. First of all break all contact with them. Second, never think about them, they know when you do. Third, cross your ankles and put your thumbs and first finger together. Touch thumb to thumb and finger to finger at the tips. This closes your aura off to any psychic vampires. It really works. Good luck. Been there.

  6. You have to cut the energy ties. Imagine yourself cutting these ties releasing yourself from the psychic attacks and believe it. It will help. Also, try meditating. That helps alot. Also, tell yourself, and believe it, that you will not absorb the draingin energy that they provide. And please understand that some people psychic attack others with out realizing it.
    For those of you that do not know what a psychic attack is, aka, psychic vampires, it is people who drain you of your energy. We have all encountered them. It is just people with alot of energy that drain yours. They cannot help it, nor do they even realize what the are doing.

  7. hi,
    i’m a vampire, but i’ve given up preying on others…(unless i get too hungry 😉
    within your own mind you’re granting too much power to their so-called abilities… stop assigning power to them…
    they ‘affect’ you by holding your focus and pushing your buttons…and feeding off your reactions, be it sexual or emotional…stop giving your attention to them…
    the attack is psychological, but you have natural defenses…
    and stay away from the superstitious mumbo jumbo…

  8. REAL VAMPIRES exist visible form of a human who wants and expects advantage. This is to recoganize and avoid.
    PSYCHIC VAMPIRES are within you and they are your thought -forms which you can easily recoganize and eradicate


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