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Psychic vampires have attacked me and I am too drained to fight back?

People look at me like I’m a nutter and I have almost been admitted. They don’t believe me because the people who are doing this to me are high achievers and others think that they’re good people, but they’re not! That’s why people don’t believe me….


  1. I think you’re someone whose read into the psychic and some occult, and you are way too prone to paranoia or another mental disorder.
    Seek some psychological help.

  2. Call your Scooby Gang.
    Willow, Oz, Xander, Cordy, Spike, Angel, Tara, Giles, Wesley, and Dawn can take care of them for you.

  3. Your name is Buffy. You have the natural ability to fight vampires. At least that’s what TeeVee tells me.
    Seriously though, see a shrink.

  4. http://www.helium.com/items/878376-protection-against-psychic-vampires
    Check out that link. I don’t know if you really are experiencing what you think you are experiencing; but if you feel like someone drains your energy, mental preparation against dealing with them might help you.
    There are people who think the term psychic vampire is true, and others think it’s a good term for the type of person who relies on you to carry conversations, hangs onto you, etc. These types of people can be draining. Google the term, and then Google words with psychic vampire such as ‘resisting’ and ‘fighting’ and ‘defending against’. It can’t hurt.


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