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Psychic self defense: Blocking vs Attacking?

For most of my life when I have used psychic self defense, it would be in the form of blocking, like with shields and cleansing areas that I am in and making them free of negativity, smudging, salt…sealing off entrances etc.
Lately though, it seems like I am being messed with a lot (I already know why and I’m not going to stop what I’m doing) and I am getting kind of upset about it, upset to the point where I want to attack back instead of just blocking. I’ve been visualizing these techniques like throwing light grenades or throwing pentagrams like they are ninja stars or something but I am contemplating the ethics of doing such things and what kind of energy is carried when you fight back, is it negative or positive? If you choose to be a lightworker (or warrior for that matter) are you supposed to be completely of peace? Does a certain line get crossed where pacifism becomes self defeating?
Does the time come when you are supposed start kicking some a**?
I’m pretty sure there is only a handful of people that are going to understand what I’m saying and take me seriously and I am really looking forward to hearing what you have to say.
Vortex, I am just stepping up to the plate spiritually, attempting to fulfill my life purpose. I am drinking less, taking better care of myself, watching what I eat, going to the gym and getting my spiritual career started. Ever since I’ve stepped it up, I’ve been getting some serious opposition from negative entities and I’m not doing anything to welcome them in.
Sorry that I wasn’t clear to everyone that this is spiritual attack, not from living people.


  1. Throw some negating salt on them when you attack…it’ll lower the wards they’ve placed around themselves as a natural barrier.
    Buy a Vorpal Sword, and stab their mind shields until they spurt blood

  2. I asked my teacher this very same thing once (minus the pentagrams thrown as ninja stars bit) and she said that the best way to do this was do a “return to sender” block/shield/spell. This way, no matter what gets thrown at you by this specific person, it never hits you but goes directly back to them.
    Go to a craft store (Joanne’s, Michael’s, even WalMart might have these) and get a package of small round, flat mirrors. Small as in coin sized. Bless them with your breath and tell them they are to return to sender any negativity directed at you. Put them in the corners of your windows and doors, facing OUT. This has always worked for me. Good luck, and blessings!

  3. ‘When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.’ (Is 59) Stay on your own task, make them wait even for your defensive moves, you are not on anyone else’s schedule. Stopping to fight isn’t necessary and takes up too much of your time and energy.
    Truth and reason can knock them all down with hardly a blink of your eye. Get some sleep.

  4. Life is simple. We ask for what we want & then we recieve it.
    You were not clear in the secound paragraph as to what it is you are doing that is bringing on the attacks & this is important. If you are doing something where you feel people will not like you cause it is controversial, you still don’t have to attract attacks from them. It is your fear that is attracking to you what you fear or your guilt that is attracking punishment.
    So you can choice to do whatever it is & not attract the angry actions. For example, I am a liberal democrat. I could be nuetral but I love politics so it is an expericence that I chose to be involved in. I have had so many liberal/dems on this site tell me they were attacked by republicans/cons. Well, I have been on this site for a long time & they don’t bother me. They have been very upset with the things I write but the have been powerless to stop me.
    I plan on continueing to do what I do here. So I don’t get attacked by them but I do see they do get upset. I have had them report me so much that it is obvious it is not because I broke the rules but because they wanted to attack me. So then I just let the people at yahoo know that since I have been reported for 3 things in a row it is obvious someone is just picking on me. So then it works out well for me.
    If you want to give me specific details I might be able to be of more help. You attract the attacks so you can attrack whatever you want. What would you rather have than the attacks? Are you sure you don’t like them? I love when the reps. get upset. It shows I have power to upset them, so it is fun for me. So do you think you might actually want to see them upset?
    You can be a lightworker & have whatever experiences you want in life. Yet, metaphysically you know that you are creating in this moment so what you choose to create could block you & that is just universal law. What we give out comes back to us. The Universe is like a copy machine. You send out what you are & it comes right back to you. So if you are not sending out peace but expect it back that just doesn’t make sense. It is like putting your butt on the copy machine & copying it & expecting it to be a legal document that you need to have. The Universe/copy maching can only give you what you feed to it.
    It sounds like you want to dish it out but not take it. If you want to kick ass be ready to have your ass kicked.
    As far as pacifism being self-defeating: So you are saying you are just allowing the Universe to take care of the karma of these people & you are just stepping out of it but the keep aggravating you. Well, I would ask “What is the meaning of all of this:”. It will be amazing for you to see what answers come back to you.
    Do you need to stand up for yourseslf more? That doesn’t mean you have to been mean to others. Do you need to make some changes of some kind? Anger often is like an idiot light showing us that we need to change something. There are so many things you can learn from this but you have to have the awareness of your inner guidance system & to allow it to help & recieving it’s help will set you free.

  5. Curious…that the question would be posed in this section, because psychic anything is with us all the time in its many forms right here midst daily living. Only that what you outline tends to be the case in which one will have been made familiar with certain dealings close hand, and where you are piqued in a way that aligns with the subtle expressions of psych-ism. Psychic attacks occur all the time wherein people’s spaces and opportunities have been constricted or rent as a common course. Not all psychic circumstances are an ado about the seeming side of occurrences, the spooky or hocus pocus.
    Take for example, think about people who live in the ghettos of Inner cities of the United States, of Britain, and those of western Europe and the Near East — born and bred in these environs. Now consider why those who have come out of these environments can be quite quick, skilled at the art of defense and offense to aggressors or are a savvy lot of people, as well a compassionate lot. It is as if they are caught up on something, listening in, tentative; there is often a smoothness about them, on the hook about just something, and bear what affects to be or is in reality the proverbial “chip on the shoulder,” but such is there for good reason. These are ‘not’ chips, as it were, but rather, battle-tested equipage. And theirs involves employing certain, say, mantra, or just some other peculiar mechanism or practice for their protection — we come to know these as ethnicity, culture, or plainly — people.
    Ever notice, too, that souls who come out of these sorts of gnarly wards and communities and cities possess a certain office about them; it is in the way they carry themselves. They are tough to it, quick on the draw. Well, what this is, is the inner armor now being worn on the outside; and is an expression that gives the outsider looking in — provided that they know to perceive the higher perspective — an impression that here is a person who has fought many psychic battles, for these are a people who will have become adept at reading detractors’ and enemies’ surges and trends; they are sensitive and thus know how to provision themselves first hand against the threats of both psychic and physical attacks. And all wild animals, in fact all animals, have this same capability — they live with their psychical instruments tuned for high resolution. So incorporated is this into their daily living that they have no need to demur to some special bearing or reference to deploy it. No books are needing read, for all with whom they will have associated since birth bear this same comportment, having as equal acumen for survival and protection and self-insurance, ay, self-reliance. These souls use considerable visualization and bear equally high attenuation — that is, they can read a person, can read a man’s intentions and impressions. Impulse and feeling are first. And this is the inner technologies in action, that no electronic or engineering corporations has the designs on. All human beings once had this in spades but later lost this for reliance upon and preference for manufacture. But they who have been in the thick of this since childhood, now adults, have little need to inquire of the ethics involved than the realities at hand. In other words, Psychic-related events are likened to strata in rock formations or octaves heard in series of frequencies of music, and no matter what plane that one might be operating on, all the strata or octaves are in some way occurring simultaneously; only that the awareness of any one requires first that one only put his or her attention upon it to summon either its call or response. That is, what is put out and what might come back as sent by another are in these instances conveyed by impulse and feeling, that certain inner nudge that comes with imagery, coloring it as either good, bad, or waffle.
    No one can be completely at peace — not completely. No one here [in the psychic worlds (which includes the physical’)] can be completely any one thing; such a place as earth is incapable of containing such purity of polarity in that manner where some thing is either all peace or all disarray.

  6. “things and what kind of energy is carried when you fight back, is it negative or positive?”
    It depends on what state you are in. If you act with fear, chances are likely that you will over step and impart too much energy and thus make the other person afraid. Which makes a sort of self-replicating loop.
    Ideally, whether you use energy for defense or offense, the goal should be to mitigate further use. If you find that you are defending yourself and then doing more and more of it, something is wrong. The same for offense.
    To make yourself stronger and thus less vulnerable to negative emotions and actions, requires that you first have a clear sense of your boundaries. Where they are, what they encompass. If somebody steps in your personal space, what is yours, then you need to defend that space. If they still won’t leave once you have made it clear to them that they are committing an offense, then you need to attack to get them off it.
    If you do not attack, then that just means, to them, that your space is theirs. So they’ll encroach upon it more and more. The only real danger here is that if you do not know where your space begins and ends, you will end up chasing other people off it and then unto their own personal space. Then they will fight you more, because now you are on their space chasing them into their homes or equivalent. This is mitigated entirely by knowing where your boundaries are. So you chase people off, but don’t continue to attack them further past that point.

  7. There are some wonderful ways to shield from attack. However fighting back is allowed, you need not suffer because a practitioner is unethical. Furthermore, it is well within prescribed parameters to fight back! I always first try sending blessings to the heart of someone who may perceive me to be a threat. If this does not melt their heart then they deserve whatever I may have to send their way in order to protect myself. I have a Golem spell I use for such purposes. However it is a bit too involved to post here. Good Luck my Witchy one and Bright blessings to you and yours…~M~


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