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Psychic said i have negative energy should i believe her and other psychics is this right?

she said i have negative energy and i wont be dating my friend khirah because of it and my relationships wont last because of it
my name is brandon dunn born 4/24/24
if your going to say the n word at least spell it right
and sorry my bday is 4/24/92


  1. People who claim to be psychic are either charlatans and frauds or self-deluded idiots, so I suggest ignoring what she says.

  2. i wouldn’t want to believe that someone would deliberately lie, if you are truly willingly not able to believe this psychic just have faith in God and Jesus.

  3. We have the same last name 😛
    Sorry lol..
    Ok maybe you do have negative energy.. Positive thinking will knock that out. Clear your head when you feel down.Just try and stay peaceful. Don’t worry about your friend. If it’s meant to happen it will, regardless of your energy.

  4. I personally would not trust a single thing that this psychic or medium says because it sounds fear based.We all have negative psychic debris in our auras and energetic systems that can be cleared but in my opinion it´s unethical for the medium to point that out in a way that makes you feel like you are a bad person or somehow less positive than others,that´s coming from a judgemental stance what the medium said imo.If you feel that you might have a negative energies in your aura or in you that you want to clear then i recommend using the 12 D Maharic Seal,it´s great for balancing/neutralizing negative energies,it raises your vibration and gives you a good psychic protection along with many other benefits.You are the best judge about how you are and feel so i would not give to much attention to mediums that give out fear based and judgemental information


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