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Psychic said i have negative energy and wont date anyone should i believe her and other psychics is this right?

she said i have negative energy and i wont be dating my friend khirah because of it and my relationships wont last because of it
my name is brandon dunn born 4/24/92


  1. oh my god lol are you going to listen to a psychic or make your own decisions? p.s. you prob shouldn’t put your full name and birth date on here

  2. “Negative energy” is what a psychic tells you that you have, when they are a fake and you don’t believe them.
    You can’t have zero energy, much less negative of it.

  3. seriously dude why are you asking some crack pot psychic to run your relationship with some girl for if you two like each other go for it your only 18 do you need to rush into a relationship are what take it down a notch in not rush into something that you are going to regret later on in life

  4. well…if she said you have negative energy and told you how to get rid of it yourself, then maybe he/she was right. but if she said to you that you have negative energy and that she would do the ‘spiritual cleansing’ for you then no he/she was a fake trying to get money out of you!
    Negative energy is not alarming…you can easily get rid of it yourself, just change your thinking to positive thoughts and believe those thoughts and believe in yourself…love yoursefl…know that you deserve to be truly happy…and you will be!… 🙂

  5. you must keep in mind that psychics can only see probable futures, and that can change just by you changing your mind about something.
    If there is something you want figure out what you need to do for that to happen.
    You do have a lot of funky energy in your field and you are completely ungrounded which can cause a person to feel stressed, have trouble thinking clearly, feel clumsy, and come off pretty negative in general. There’s a lot of other issues that come from being ungrounded too so I highly recommend you ground your energy asap.
    To do that focus on the chakra (point of energy) that is 1-4 feet below your feet. Just picture a ball of light there and you will start to feel completely different.
    here’s an article on the importance of grounding
    and here’s some more grounding exercises if you have some trouble with that one
    I would highly recommend you do a good chakra meditation too because you need it bad
    here’s an article about your 7 major chakras that links to a great meditation.
    All of your physical and mental dysfunctions manifest in your energy body first so if you take care of that you can change your life…and your energy body is in pretty sad shape right now.

  6. You should worry about getting to know yourself and changing your attitudes if your carrying negative energy around. Read some books on how to clear your chakras and adopt positive attitudes.


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