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Psychic powers….I'm getting better with telling the future but need help with other abilities?

I know psychic abilities are real because i can see into the future and in some ways using telepathy…anyways I want to learn telekinesis…Anyone have tips?? Be mindful of your answers, I’m still pretty young. THANK YOU! (btw I’ve been practicing my abilities for almost more than two or three months, and they are improving)


  1. You need to start small!
    Open a window and place a feather on the window sill.
    If you concentrate hard enough, it will move.

  2. Best way to enhance your abilities, is go to your mom and tell her you need to be locked up in a padded room and sedated.

  3. that’s awesome, i have abilities too! but mine mite not be as good. i can see into the future for relationships and careers, and i can feel when people and possibly ghosts come into the room also i can smell that someone will be sick 5 to 3 days before it happens. And what Ive heard from some of my friends that are like me that telekinesis is hard to learn so i don’t know i would try Google. 🙂 good luck hope you get better at it!

  4. Everyone has psychic abilities, it’s their own fears and religious upbringings that keep most people from embracing and developing their abilities. Some abilities to try would be psychometry (holding items to read their previous owners), aura reading, astral travel and communicating with the Other Side. Check your local book store in their Metaphysical/New Age section (usually near Religion) or look for a New Age shop in your area. Many New Age shops hold weekly classes for very little money ($10 or so) that will help you develop your own abilities and introduce you to new ideas. Most importantly, don’t let ANYONE ever keep you from following your dreams.
    Keep Practicing!

  5. U go girl, do ur thing, i believe in psychic abilities, but i do know that weed can dampen any psychic ability, maybe different 4 u but try using ur abilities three days after not smokin weed an u’ll see how ur abilities improve. Please try it


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