psychic powers? healing?ESP? give me tips plz?





i Need tips and info on psychic powers
I do that with the fingers!!!


  1. Hello Lisa
    There are no psychic powers except on TV.
    What does exist is natural psychic ability. Present within us all. Following your intuition will lead you to what yours are.

  2. do what i did just keep focusing some powers have trigers like for me it was emotion if i got angry i would lose control and if i was happy i had too little control so i just stay here like this not being happy or angry and guess what if i was angry my powers were strong very strong but i tell yo u one more thing i think 2012 is going to end the earth i had a dream about and most of my dreams come true ex being billionaire i guess being a millionaire would have to do

  3. the russians had a phychic practice by concentrating thier entire being in thier fingertips,thus they were able to know the colour of the underside of cards,also if you close your eyes and picture yourself in a different point in your room,as a practice,its said to be a phychic awareness tecnique.if you use the mantra ohmmmm,during meditation its said to be like a duck call so to speak, to bring on the real thing.
    phychic abilities. takes time and lots of practice!

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