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Psychic Power VS Gift of Prophecy VS Witchcraft?

According to my studies,
I found out that there are 3 types of supernatural powers found amongst today’s society. Those borne with psychic powers who can see futures / spirits naturally (unlearned – without using mantras, tarot cards, zodiac, astrology, etc!), those who are really close to God (Holy Spirit) – Gift of Prophecy, visions, can distinguish bad and good spirits, etc [evidence shown in lots of charismatic, spirit-filled church], and witchcraft (learned power- using voodoos, mantras, meditations, tarot cards, zodiac, etc – most use witchcraft to inflict pain on others – so its associated with bad spirits)
There are thin lines between being psychic, have gift from God, and being a witch. Cuz all of them can basically do the same thing – but maybe different source. i dunno.
What do you guys think?-
I’m just curious
lol… ok.. any other oppinions?
there are 2 sources God and demons, and… how do we distinguish them again?
oh… sorry…
I meant only witchcraft can inflict pain on others.. while psychic power and gift of prophecy cannot.
any other opinions?
what would happen if the power is not from God? How to make sure that the power is from God?
booboo… well. thanks for sharing your personal experience.
I kinda feel that playing with witchcraft is like playing with fire… cuz sometimes the spirits wont leave you and … err… make your life a miserable hell. So I guess that’s the reason why it’s not allowed by God. I do know that if you’re really close to God, you will be immune to withcraft cuz there’re angels (light) protecting you. The degree of closeness to God is the question mark to most people though… how can we tell?
As for psychic (indigo)….
i know some who were born with 6th sense. so… i don’t know if that’s from God or not?
Can you tell me more of your experience that brought you to the Lord?
a charismatic lady told me that I have 2 angels who guard me… is that from God or not?
a charismatic lady told me that I have 2 angels who guarded me… is that from God or not?

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  1. No offense, but I don’t believe that anyone can see the future.
    Also no offense, but the kids I used to work with that could see the future ended up on a high dosage of Haldol, Piportil, Fluanxol, Largactil, and Stelazine (anti-psychotics).

  2. My opinion is that we can communicate with “the other side”. Now to simplify the answer to your question….and this is a really simple explanation….The other side is full of entities that are good and bad just like this side is….why wouldn’t it be. There are good and evil people in this world just as there are good and evil spirits…it is just that some people think that all spiritual communication is evil. There are angels and there are nefarious spirits as well. This is however an intermediate realm. You can reach a deeper realm where the source is felt and experienced. This is where one should spend their time and energy trying to be in touch with. This is where there is only goodness and pure light.

  3. I think you could win a million dollars by proving it – http://www.randi.org – which you should be easily able to do after researching the subject – right?
    If not, what research are you referring to? Stuff that people claim they can do? Because people online can claim anything they want without proof.

  4. Basically there are two sources, God or demons. If its demon the person usually claims no religion or one other than Christian and the info he gives is not always the most accurate. Not many Christians will admit they can see spirits or had prophetic dreams( unless your in a fired up church) so its usually easy to distinguish. a great test is to get the spirit to say “Jesus is my Lord and Savior”. A demon can’t say that. As to the below post 1/4 of the bible is prophesy.

  5. first who told you that witches use their power to inflict pain? that is totally not true.
    witches (wiccans, pagans) believe that what you send out into the universe is sent back three fold. they believe that you should cause no harm. i’m pretty sure that inflicting pain would be causing harm.
    i think that we are all born with these “gifts” to some degree. we just call it different things, and tap into it in different ways.

  6. Instinct is a power we all have (whether we choose to use it or not). This is a taboo subject and I am glad to discuss it with you!
    I’ve spoken to several people who swear up and down they see auras, some see spirits, and others get flashes of possible future events.
    Me? I get occasional impressions and am learning how to interpret and deal. I am very sensitive to other people’s emotional states and every once in a while I just know I am supposed to go somewhere. Hard to explain.
    I prefer not to get wrapped up in cards and readings, but that’s just me. I like to use the “Force”. I believe in God and in my own judgement.
    Does this help you?

  7. Do not put trust into any kind of witchcraft! It is definetly the work of satan! There is no such thing as God giving a psychic a gift to see the future. Only satan does that and it is to get all the souls he can. I use to be a part of this life and left it to become a born again Christian after I learned the real dangers of it. Anyone into witchcraft is playing a very dangerous game with their life which will lead to disaster! Only trust in God and accept Jesus. This is the only true way to peace.

  8. I think there are familiar spirits that some people communicate with, they are evil!
    You can discern what is of God and what is not…What is of God will line up with God’s Word, and it will come to pass.

  9. Psychics are more sensitive to spirits, unfortunately the spirits that try to contact them are almost always evil. God does not need a psychic to do His work. Psychic powers are thus more a curse than a blessing. The devil seeks out psychics by appealing to their “power” and provides knowledge that the psychic believes she/he is obtaining herself/himself when in reality it is simply akin to a motion picture played back by the devil to their visual and auditory senses to deceive. Thus ALL psychics used by the police to solve kidnappings, etc find the victim only after he/she has been deceased and the killer beyond redemption. Witchcraft as with other old pagan (now New Age) crafts dedicated to finding your “power” is always a turn to the devil, whether so-called “good” or black magic.

  10. well ,I am psychic and Christian and having the Gift of prophecy is no different as me being psychic….only change is I’m saved now and 4 years ago i wasn’t, but I still have the same type of abilities……
    as far as witchcraft at one time I did dabble in it for a while and someone died because they didn’t listen to my warning…. i was trying to help him but he wouldn’t take the help and was killed not by my hand but by his own drunken stupidity….I read this person Tarot cards and i saw he was going to have a car accident if he didn’t stop drinking and with in a week he did have the accident…I never read again…..and my journey lead me to the Lord.

  11. Let me take a stab in the dark you can see the future right. One i personally believe that God makes us, and means to me that what he gives us,per person is different. Like most people say some are more special then other, but i don’t believe that the devil has anything to do with how we were made or which gift were given or not given.

  12. There is only one source. Same thing just different lables.
    A part of our human condition is to both look within in our attempts to know ourselves and to look outwards in order to know our futures. From eons of studying nature and the world around us we have devised rituals and procedures with which to meet the unknown.
    Arts of divination or extra sensory perceptions are diverse, numerous, ancient and new. My ‘A to Z’ list of psychic abilities is an on going project. http://www.psychic-junkie.com/list-of-psychic-abilities.html
    I’ve been a professional clairvoyant for many years, in all four corners of the world, using my psychic insight to guide others on their own unique journeys. I personally endorse the Exceptionally Skillful Psychics of my VeryESP Team. http://www.psychic-junkie.com/famous-psychics.html

  13. I am really confused. But I really need to stress something here.ONE CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE FUTURE WITH AN ACCURATE SCIENTIFIC PRECISION. I don’t mean seeing scientifically,but rather seeing the exact,including names,places,dates,results.In fact one can see his final destiny. You can get into your own body or other bodies of sick people or animals or objects and diagonize the problem and repair it in a dream. I have seen all this things,but the challenge here is that,telling people about it, they may think you are insane or psycho. You can even tell if a couple is truly in love or not and who is lying to you,you can tell the destiny of the relationship,BUT you can also intervene with prayers in Jesus Name for a reversal of unpleasant future.

  14. I don’t know but if we have eyes to see into another dimension why is that considered evil? I don’t understand. The devil can use a person with certain gifts, then why are people brainwashed to think this is evil and that God can’t use these gifts? I think he can and yet I know there is also that potentially the medium or channel can be used by dark and light forces who want to communicate as well as the dark that may want to confuse. I think I am a sensitive or something to people’s emotions, like an empath. I love God, and have heard things like clairaudient, but I have no understanding, and I would like to know more if anyone would like to help me. Thank you.

  15. I am the ancestor of a witch, and I am gifted but with the gift of emotions. I cannot do spells. But I can feel and hear things. I am seeing a lot on Halloween, with practice I could preform spells on that night but it’d be black magic…..All Hollow’s eve is the night of the demons…be careful.

  16. I was born with a gift. It was a family gift. I can see through people and know the bad from the good while everyone else around me will call me nuts or outcast me in favor of the bad person. Then when I am no longer there they start to see what the bad person does. Sometimes they come back with an apology, sometimes not and then most often I get called a witch instead. The word witch is then used to further treat me like garbage and outcast once again. I do not practice witch craft or impose my will on others, cast spells or force others to do what I want them to do.
    I’ve known when someone I was close to was in danger. A couple of times was able to intervene to make sure the person wasn’t harmed. After revealing it was over visions (stopping an unintentional shooting as in the gun would have went off over something wrong with the gun), once again called a witch.
    Some declared to me I was a natural witch. After you hear this so often you decide to look into it. Only to find, I wasn’t into that sort of thing and it wasn’t what I was experiencing.
    I can feel when someone is hiding their emotions and absorb it which has an impact. Times I knew someone was going to die but I couldn’t intervene, warned the person. The person died of natural illness. I’m a witch once again.
    How is it I am a witch when I was born with it and I don’t cast spells, I don’t cast spells that alters someone else’s will? Why am I witch? Is it because I’m female because I do know that if the same thing happens and a male can do the same thing, somehow it’s something to be admired and I am put down for it.
    I can discern negative energy vs. positive. I don’t wield these energies, I just listen and gain more wisdom to see through the ones that are deceptive. Many of these energies can be found in people as parasitic attachers keeping the person in a dark place. Those with such attachments always end up fully going on the offense when they encounter naturally gifted people that can see them and call them out.
    Is that what witches do? Why do people like to impose and shove me into a box I don’t belong in all while claiming to be understanding?
    Unlike that movie where the child says “I see dead people”…my line would be “I see hypocrites”.

    • Wow, I wish I knew you! Your story sounds like mine except usually people would call me psychic, which I never claimed, or they’d freak out and never speak to me again. Yep, I get it! I used to just call myself “spiritually sensitive”, as I was searching for what I was, knowing that I was born this way but not much more.


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