Psychic or medium reading please?






Hi there! Can I have one, please?
I’m a girl, my birthday is 6th February 1993, I live in sweden. Tell me if you need more info :-]


  1. You will have 3 children…you will move out of Sweden….you have 2 siblings…..and Yahoo answers is your favorite website.

  2. you are popular & this will continue. If you work on your inner strength you will feel so much more secure. Become more aware of yourself. Don’t depend on listening to what others tell you about yourself. What do you really like in life? Focus more on that so you will have more of it. Love yourself more, I keep getting this picture of you needing others to admire you & love you. They will all go there own way & you will always have yourself. What would make you feel better that isn’t dependent on the attention of others. You would give up your views to go along with others, you would change your apperence. Right now I just want to focus on you caring about you & knowing you would be fine without everyone else. Of course you attract people which is great but just be dependent upon this.

  3. Okay so i’m not a psychic, but I’ve been into astrology for over 10 years so I’ll give this a shot. You are an Aquarius. You tend to be a little eccentric, maybe in your thinking and your sense of style. You aren’t afraid to act silly in front of your friends. You are a very honest person, sometimes on the verge of meaness when its a topic you are passionate about. Very independent and a free thinker. You are a natural humanitarian and very inventive. Some people may see you as detached and unemotional, but really you wear your heart on your sleeve. Many of the Aquarians I have met are psychic in some way. For example, two I know have prophetic dreams. You ideal jobs are those that stimulate your mind like a scientist or psychologist. I’ve also read Aquarians have a knack for computer jobs. They like the analytical side of it. Try this site for additional information.

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