psychic medium HELP PLEASE!?

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Why are these things happening to me? I keep typing in my things that are happening and the computer won’t let it go through. Just like the phone dies before I can answer, the camera won’t let me upload pics, the TV keeps going out when I am trying to watch DVR’s.
And where do I get white sage? How about my aunt born with a veil and american indian blood?
and my soon sees a man- but says he is good and plays

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to diffuse any negative spirits, get some sage and burn some in your house.


Hmmm…either you have a very negative affinity for electronics or the possibility of something metaphysical is rupturing your leisurely activities. If it is something other-worldly, I’m not sure exactly how to disband it besides seeking help, though most true metaphysical workers don’t advertise.
Maybe you have an odd electrical field about you? Just a thought. If you just have horrible luck with electronics, not sure what to say exactly.
Edit: Yes, just as dreaming said, burn some white sage (or keep some around).
Edit: Ah, it seems your son has a gift to see the departed. Very good. As far as getting ahold of sage, try looking for an herbalist in your area, any place that focus on natural things (herb tea, organic stuff, etc.), etc.


Badlands Sage Bundle
Artemisia cana
A different variety of Dakota sage from Interior, South Dakota. Very nice, large bundles that average about 14 to 18 inches long and are wrapped in hemp string. The common name for this species is Silver Sagebrush. It is said that the Lakota use this ceremonially as a protection against evil influences by burning and for making bracelets from it for the Sun Dance (from Grassland Plants of South Dakota and the Northern Great Plains, South Dakota State University).
These will combine with other full-size bundles for the quantity price.
u can buy online on–MATOSKA COMPANY

Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✡ Healer ☯

Lol notice that it’s all electronic issues. You’re not the only one who is experiencing this. While it is true that yucky energy can be stuck in your sockets (even entities) it doesnt sound like this is the case. Reason being that its your TV, Phone, DVR’s and Computer. What you are experiencing is the always annoying MURCURY RETROGRADE. I hate retrogrades they just make life hell. I’ve been having lots of issues with my comptuer.
Murcury retrograde is in gemini and thus will affect communications. Be careful what you say because the murcury retrograde will probably affect you and it will come out wrong. haha.
Other issues dealing with communications are phones, Internet, computers, fax and anything of the sort. It won’t be over for a while so just be patient.
These come around 3 times in a year but lucky us this year we get four. 🙁
Shadow Storm


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