Psychic Medium and Mediumship

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In understanding what a medium is, we must first break the misconception that a medium is the same as a psychic. People often confuse the terms thinking that they have the same meaning but they don?t. The word psychic refers to people who are involved with the paranormal. Each person is gifted with five senses ? our sense of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch, but as per parapsychology, humans gifted with more then five sense is defined as psychic.

Parapsychologists study psychic claims like telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences, reincarnation, apparitional experiences, and so on. Though ancient eastern tradition believes everyone is gifted and so everyone is capable of being a psychic.

On the other hand, a medium is something very rare, medium is a psychic capable of communicating between spirits of the dead and living human beings. Medium is a psychic who can interact with the other world. They are capable of receiving impressions and hearing voices from spirits who dwell in the other dimension. Unlike a psychic who can still have difficulties in perceiving high frequencies, a medium is completely receptive. They can distinctly detect frequencies of spirits and energies.

Unlike a psychic, a medium is born and not made. Psychic intuition can be achieved by constantly working on improving our consciousness. There are several known meditations that we can do to open up our sixth sense. This is not the case with mediums. Some people are born with a mediumship. Their abilities might present itself at a young age while some only realize their abilities later in life. It varies from one person to another but their abilities come spontaneously. It is almost the same situation as when some people are born with the natural ability to sing or dance. To put it in simple words, being a medium is an in-born talent.

Additionally, mediumship is more involved compared to being a psychic. A medium opens himself to energies that do not have physical form and these energies can take the medium as a vessel. Basically, there are two types of mediumship. The first and most common kind is one wherein the medium can communicate with spirits while staying fully conscious. It is called mental mediumship. An example of such are psychic clairvoyants. A clairvoyant can see images from the spiritual realm through their mind?s eye. While remaining fully conscious, they can interact with other dimension.

The second kind is physical mediumship which makes use of the medium?s physical body to obtain information from the spirit world, here a spirit allegedly take control of a medium. This is the type of mediumship that is often portrayed in movies wherein mediums are ?possessed? by spirits who are trying to send an impression or message to our world. That specific occurrence is called channeling and is one of the many kinds of physical mediumship. Another kind involves medium going into a form of trance to get images, insights and other information from the spiritual realm. When a person who performs such kind of mediumship it is called a trance medium.

Scientific community has always been skeptic about mediums. They think that mediumship is some form of hoax for people to make money. Various experiment were conducted by the British Psychological Society and they came to the conclusion that the test subjects demonstrated no mediumistic ability. However, if you understand how our senses work and the true nature of the universe that we live in, you will realize that having mediums around us is a blessing. Our psychic abilities can only go so far and these gifted mediums are our only bridges to what lies beyond.

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I love this article. It seems so many people want to say the two titles are interchangeable and exactly the same. It’s refreshing to see that some are recognizing the difference