Psychic Kitty Saved Me from a Car Accident!?





This morning before work, my cat wouldn’t let me go down the stairs or back into my room. he would run in front of me and swipe me with his claws, he trapped me in one spot for five minutes. I was scared and confused. Finally, I would be too late and ran past him, he scratched me also, and pulling out of the driveway, i missed a car accident by a hair. Is my cat psychic and prevented me from leaving home too early? He never exhibited this behavior before although sometimes he does like to trip me or attack me if i’m walking in a direction he doesn’t like me to go in. He also meows incessently.
Does anyone have a comments? He is a well-fed indoor-outdoor 14 year old.


  1. Well you know how cats know if thir is a storm coming? Well maybe your cat knew this was going to heppen! Congrats on still having your life!

  2. I don’t know how, but animals are known for being able to do things like this. Maybe it’s God’s way of protecting us. Who knows? But I sure am glad for pets.

  3. I believe that you and your kitty have a very special bond. Try communicating with him with your mind. I bet he’s onto you!

  4. i dont know if your cat is phsyic, but i have heard of this happing before, i watch ANIMAL PLANET,amazing animals and they have shown this in other pets,

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