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Psychic? I need a medium to tell me if my loved ones that have died are near me? Can anyone pic up on this?


  1. Hun, you don’t need a psychic to tell you this. You’re loved ones are always near you and in your heart. Have faith and hold onto your memories and you’ll see them again some day.

  2. I assure you that your loved ones have departed this world and are no longer near you or near any of us.
    The Bible warns us not to consult mediums. They are only liable to mislead you. It’s in their interest to take your money just to tell you what you would like to hear. Or perhaps they will tell you something you don’t want to hear so you have to pay more money until they do.

  3. you can feel it…….. no psychic can ever tell you that. it is a connection between you and your loved ones. well, that is if there’s a connection between you when they were alive.

  4. Dear, they are always near you in your memories. But after a while they must move on. But I assure you you are in their thoughts.
    Blessed be

  5. Do you know a lady, with curly white hair? Obviously this lady is older, she is short. I see pearls, she might have liked pearls. If this is someone you know, great, and she’s around you. If not, I’m picking up someone else, and I’m sorry.


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