Psychic Energy Side Effects

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Understanding what psychic energy is all about can be a little bit confusing. If you are experimenting with your own psychic energy there are a few things that you should be aware of.

We all possess psychic abilities in some way or another. The strength of each person’s energy can vary greatly and it can be worked on and practiced in order to build it even more.

However while working with your own psychic powers you need to keep yourself safe and healthy. In order to do that you need to be aware of three common side effects.

Side Effects

Dehydration — Dehydration is very common when either using your own psychic energy or having someone else use theirs on you such as in a healing session. It is important to drink lots of water in order to keep the fluids from being drained from your body. Do not allow yourself to get dehydrated as this will cause you to feel tired and weak.

Tension Blocks — Energy likes a clear path to flow through. Unfortunately most of us have blockages within our body as well as within our energy field. These blockages can cause tension and soreness in different parts of your body. Especially when working with your own energy you may notice an increase in body tension as you become more aware of where your energy gets blocked.

There are a few different ways to clear your tension blocks to help keep the energy flowing freely. A few methods that are known to help are:

– tai chi
– reiki
– yoga
– meditation
– with the help of a healing practitioner

Once you have cleared these blocks you will find that your energy and psychic abilities become far stronger and much more powerful.

Baggage — When you begin to work with and use your own energy, it will be difficult to separate your own positive energy flow from the negative baggage of others. Energy is all around us, some of it good and some of it negative. As your own energy intensifies you will attract back to you even more energy than before.

Therefore you will need to know how to shield yourself from the emotional baggage of others. The following three methods are known to be helpful:

– Clear your energy centers often
– Stay confident and centered in your own being
– Imagine yourself surrounded by a white light shield of protection in which negative energy can not penetrate

Dealing with the common side effects of psychic energy in an effective way can help alleviate any safety or health issues and allow you to concentrate on building your own energy stronger and stronger. Follow the above steps to keep yourself strong and remember to always practice deep breathing as well.

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Day Dreamer

Those are great instructions to improve psychic abilities!

I noticed if you have too much tension in your body part or on your mind it can be hard to focus.

I find the more sensitive I am the easier it is to improve my psychic ability.

darrel vara

I want to know the other side effects related to psychic energy.Does it harmful to have psychic Abilities?


This is rather interesting. I’ve been looking for a site like this forever. Now I only have to learn a few more things. Can awkwardness somehow affect it?


is there a way that your pshycic powers will take over your body forever


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