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Psychic do u think in my future i will develop my psychic powers and study it more , for me to improve it?

or will i forget that and study more on my education to be successful, or do u see me do both? just curious, because i’m very fond of pyschic, astrology and numerology


  1. I am not psychic, but I have been called wise by many of my friends who I regularly give good advice to. If wisdom is not something you wish, I suggest you skip the following:
    Psionics are not something you can develop, no matter how many “psychics” tell you that you can. I mean, perhaps by some freak chance you receive brain damage but survive, and then your brain is somehow working differently, it’s possible you may develop some sort of brain activity that allows you to do things that others can’t explain. That’s the closest thing to proven psychic abilities that exist. All other forms of “psychics” are either people with abilities they were born with, and which they can’t reliably reproduce, and then con artists.
    The con artist psychic is much more common, as they are good at reading people, manipulating them, and getting reactions that they want. Some people are so good at this, they can do it on large scales– be warned, however, that only the weak-minded can be manipulated in this way. The con artist psychic who is good at what they do– truly good, is good enough that what they do might as well be called “powers”. They have the “power” to influence peoples’ decisions, make them question their own reason, and even to alter peoples’ permanent emotional states. Whether that’s some sort of inexplicable ability or a con game matters little to the person who gets over their fear of flying, or gains the self confidence to speak in public.
    If you want to delve into mysticism, go for astrology. If you want instant psychic powers, become a con artist.

  2. Yes, I do. I think you should abandon your ‘normal’ education immediately and go live in the woods. You can run about wearing a loincloth and make hissing sounds at the odd passer by who accidentally stumbles across you.

  3. Do not ever put your normal school studies on the back burner. No matter how awesome of a psychic you may become – you will still need money, and thus still need a good job. School should come first.
    That said – if you feel you have some amount of psychic power, work on it. Try to stimulate it, to make it grow and strengthen. But don’t get too wrapped up in it, and put it before everything else.

  4. ha u have to b born with ur powers u can develop them but they usually develop early in ur life like im telekinetic and pyrokinetic and i can tell some images of the future

  5. We all have the ability of psychics. But it really depends on you to develop it and to improve it. It all depends on you,nobody else.


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