psychic do u see me better myself in the near future? do u see me being a spiritual person? and do u think?

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when i so meditation and doing chakra meditation will help to end evilness around me

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Yes, but only with much effort. It takes time to grow spiritually, it cannot be done overnight. Apply more effort and sincerity and you will see results.


Well only if i am psychic would i see evil is it bad or any one psychic. Would they see angels demons and any harm


I am going to assume English is not your native language. If it is, I would certainly hope you’d learn better communication and sentence structure in the near future. You create your own reality. So if you choose to better yourself, or be more spiritual – that’s a choice. It’s also your choice to remove yourself from bad situations or to view things as evil or non-evil. You don’t need a psychic to tell you that.


My psychic Octal Orb says:
“Ask Again Later”


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