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Psychic do u feeling theres some negative energy in my love life because it have to do something with an ex?


  1. I do not mean this in a sarcastic way at all, please believe me. I respect you, and we have all been in really strange places in our relationships. I just want to help make things clear for you. Anyone, psychic or not, knows from your question that you definitely have some negative energy in your love life that has something to do with an ex. Take a step back. Trust your own instincts, you do not have to consult psychics. There are ways to find out what you need to know, like asking the right people straight out, and if that doen’t work, I’m sure you can think of other ways. You can take control of your life, don’t bother with psychics! Good luck!

  2. If you are so afraid of negative energy, then clear YOUR energy field, and bring in positve vibes..
    take one bath a night with 1 cup of each: apple cider vinnegar, 1 c. baking soda, 1. c. salt. this clears YOUR energy field. this is great for anyone who wants to get to a higher vibration.

  3. As everyone says you don`t have to be psychic,you know what the answer is and you know what to do . You don`t need strangers to tell you.. Let me guess you still have an attachment to your ex, so you can`t be truthful with current (negative energy).. You need to make a choice.Go with current ,ex is an ex for a reason.


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