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Psychic auras, or just a mind-trick?

I can see white-auras around animals and people in the dark, including birds in trees that others cannot see. Until recently, I’d never thought of it being unusual.
What could this be?


  1. Hmmm I guess you can see some Aura that many people don’t see or it probably indicates you are really healthy. Many people don’t know that they have auras or some kind of energy but it can happen.

  2. Auras have never been shown to actually exist. So either you’ve got some never-seen paranormal ability or you’ve got an eye problem. Chances are good it’s the latter. But if you can identify objects or people in a completely dark room, which appears to be what you’re claiming, you can pick up your million dollars from this guy. http://www.randi.org

  3. It means that your eyes are playing tricks on you and your mind is misinterpreting what you see. That is because you ‘want’ to listen to cukes that utter nonsense about such things as Auras.
    Instead, how about you actually do the sensible thing and have your eyes checked. Seeing things that do not exist could mean an eye deficiency, such as a melanoma that can lead to blindness.
    “Symptoms include blurred vision, flashing lights, shadows and misting of the lens of the eye (cataract).” It is the last part that you may want to have checked out.
    Please understand I am not saying this to be alarmist but it is just not normal to see fuzziness or mistiness.

  4. What you are seeing is the energy field that surrounds each of us. It can range in size and shape depending on the thoughts of the person concerned. With time you may be able to see a persons aura which extends out from this energy field, usually it consists of many different colours. You can tell the health of the person by the strength of this energy field. It becomes very dim when the person is unhealthy or has extremely negative thoughts. You go girl its a great gift to develop.


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