Psychic abilities/Necromancy/Onmyoji/Shamanism/Kuji Kiri?

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I’ve had an unusual interest in the paranormal for years now. If im not mistaken, i think ever since I was maybe 7 years old.
I know the difference between reality and fiction.
But I’d like to know and understand more.
I’ve studied shamanism in japan for about 5 years now, but there are still many things I dont understand that I’d like to.
If your wondering, YES I read manga and watch Anime.
But I know whats real and whats not.
What exactly are awakining your “Psychic Abilities”, and how is it done?
How can one commune with the dead by means of summoning?
How can one believe when one has no proof?
I want to believe, but its just so…hard.
Please dont say this is tied with Satanism or The Devil.
Its not.
I wish more people still believed in these things though…

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r u randy

Hogwash and more hogwash…. You ought to study something of substance for a change, (and I don’t mean the Bible.)

Pangel - Many Paths

it is done firstly by realising that the potential is there in us all
from there … it is all practise , trust and patience
you cannot/shouldnt summon anyone … spirit have free will , they have lives to live as we do
we can only invite and respect them … if they communicate with us , it is a blessing
there is proof , you get proof from spirit
they give you details of their lives to pass onto their loved ones
hopefully this gets confirmed
and validated
perhaps try at a Spiritualist church
they often have development groups
and they always have a medium working at each service xx


You awaken “psychic abilities” by opening your Chakras. You can communicate with the dead on the astral as that’s where the soul goes after it leaves the body (death).
If your Chakras are open you will have proof.


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