Psychic abilities: Am I crazy/weird from knowing things or is this a sign of psychic powers?

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Ok well can anyone please help me since i have no idea what this is, or if i’m just crazy or a weirdo:
So.. (that I can REMEMBER!)
Within the last 3 months or so this has been happening for example:
-I was thinking of a song and then I hear it on the radio (with 2 songs)
-Or when once at a final school assembly practice we had just done about 1hour of singing for practice and then the students where raving on how our school music teacher should sing a song, I i though “huh she should sing twinkle twinkle little star” just as a joke and then one of the other teacher said “Maybe she should sing something like twinkle twinkle little star!” and i was like WOW
– Or when I was thinking about my best friend once for only about 3 sec she just popped into my mind since she was in the hospital for certain reasons, and then I get a call from her !
– My mum was going to the movie store to rent out a movie and I asked her what she was going to get before she left, but about 2 sec before she said what she was going to get out i though of the same movie
– I was talking to my mum and she told me about some person died 🙁 i didn’t know how the person died its just that “heart attack” popped up unto my mind. A few seconds after she said that the person died of a heart attack!
– Most of the time its when people are talking and they say what I was thinking about 5 – 20 seconds ago
But the thing is if I try and think of something happening it doesn’t work, but when my mind goes blank or when i’m not thinking “hey i might be psychic” IT HAPPENS!
Please help me out since i don’t know what to do or even if i have psychic abilities, and if i do WHAT is this? But also its not constant like i might have 1 thing happen to me like this once every few of days. So I don’t quite know what to do! And also I thought a few times that this all must be a coincidence, but now its happened too many times for it all to be a coincidence.
Please help me out 🙂

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hocus pocus
next you’ll be putting spells on people and riding a broomstick!

The Blue Pill

These things happen to me alot too, sometimes I’ll be talking about some celebrity or actor, and then suddenly there will be a movie with them in it. I think its called being “precognitive”


Confirmation bias, it’s simple coincidence.


you might like to investigate “gestault perception”

Passive Heretic

These are good things, and they happen more often than people think.
Don’t try to label it, the word psychic is as self limiting as the word Christian.
We are all more than the world wants us to believe.
It is our heritage to find out how far the rabbit hole goes.
No one can teach this, you already know everything about it, it’s accepting it and waking up to the magnitude of it that takes us lifetimes to achieve if we refuse to surrender to it.
Enjoy your life, it’s a beautiful gift.

Annabelle Lee

(1) Radio stations play songs on a defined schedule. More popular songs are played more often and at peak times when more listeners are tuned in, such as during afternoon and morning commutes. Our brains remember these patterns unconsciously and use outside clues to tell us a song may be coming on based on the time of day.
(2) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a classic tune, and is humorous to hear out of a lullaby context, making it a first choice with the Happy Birthday song.
(3) How many times have you thought of her and she *Didn’t* call?
(4) Was it a new release, advertised on the TV? One you’ve talked about before?
(5) Heart attacks are the leading cause of natural deaths and are therefore extremely (though sadly) common
(6) Coincidence.


Though it is very difficult to read what you wrote, because of your personal style (let’s be nice and call it this way), I’ll tell you what to do in order to establish whether you have psychic powers or not: try to think of the times when you actually didn’t guess what people were about to say and compare to the times when you guessed it.


You’re not psychic, that’s for sure. You’ve asked this question how many times this month?


Jerry MC wrote: “I was talking to my mum and she told me about some person died i didn’t know how the person died its just that “heart attack” popped up unto my mind. A few seconds after she said that the person died of a heart attack!”
I think this is a case of guessing the obvious. If someone you knew had been sick for a long time, you probably would have heard about it. But when someone dies suddenly how many reasons can there be? A heart attack is pretty obvious. There may be a car crash thrown in, but you seem so preoccupied with thinking you’re psychic, I suspect you just don’t remember those “guesses” that were wrong and selectively remember those where you “guessed” correctly.


thats phychic knowing go with it ,,use your common sense 🙂


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