I am planning on being a psychiatrists when I’m older, and I just want to know if they make good money. I don’t want to do it just because of the money either, but I’m just wondering.
Thanks. : ]


  1. the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is that a psychiatrist is a medical doctor. you’ll be able to prescribe medicine to your clients but that means you have to go to medical school and you will be called “dr (what ever your last name is). so yea you will be making a lot of money but the schooling is intense.

  2. Psychiatry is in the medical field, so yes, you’ll make a good amount of money. Exactly how much you make depends on factors such as, where you work, if you work in a private practice, how much experience you have, how much hours you work, etc. In medical fields you do make alot of money but you have to be very dedicated to pursue your career because anything in medical takes many years, depending on the profession and medical is also very competitive, so you also have to try your best as far as grades go. In order to become a psychiatrist, you need to first go to a college or university for 4 years, and obtain your bachelors degree. There is no specific major you’d need to take in college, in order to pursue your career but popular majors for medical are biology and chemistry. You don’t need to do either major, but you just need to take the courses required to apply to medical school. Towards the end of your college years, preferably junior year you have to take the MCAT, which is the Medical college admission test. Basically, it’s a test you need to take to get into medical school. Think of it like the SAT exam, for the SAT you send these scores to colleges with your transcript and the SAT is something colleges consider if you’d get accepted or not. Well, the MCAT is just like that, you send that to the medical school you’re applying to and the exam grades is a part if you get accepted, or not.
    Now, Medical school is 4 years. As far as i know, in medical school the first two years is in classroom work, and the last two years is hands-on experience in different medical specialties. After you become a MD, you are still not done with school. You are a doctor, but you still haven’t chosen your field of specialty yet. In order to become a psychiatrist, you must complete a psychiatric residency. Which is typically lasting 4 to 6 years. During this time, it allows you to develop your skills with patients under the supervision of experienced psychiatrists in the field. So that’s 4 years of college/university, 4 years of medical school, 4-6 years of Residency. 12-14 years total. If you want to do a Sub-specialty in Psychiatry, such as adolescent Psychiatry, for instance you would need to complete a fellowship in that field of sub-specialty. I am not sure of how many years that is, for the field of Psychiatry
    So yes, it’s alot of school but if this field is really your passion and you really want to pursue this career, it’s worth it. You just have to be really sure this is what you want, you have to stay motivated and be *really* committed.
    Well, i hope i didn’t annoy you with my long answer 😉 haha, but i hope i helped, somewhat.

  3. Are you in highschool currently? If you are, you should consider taking classes like Chemistry or AP Chemistry since Psychiatry deals with medicine. Now, I agree with the answer above…do you want to be a Psychologist, or a Psychiatrist? There is a difference.
    First of all, a Psychologist is one that does studies of the unconscious mind, why we think, how we think, what we think about. Usually, Psychologists help patients deal with their mental problems.
    Usually they will have a psychology class in high school too.
    A Psychiatrist usually fixes up the medicine for the patient for their mental problems and whatnot.
    And yes, depending on the level of skill… you will eventually make a lot of money if you’re truly committed.

  4. Well you for sure have to get a MD and go to med school, so long as you do that your set with 70,000 a year. If you dont however, id suggest not becoming a psychiatrist because you will NOT find a job.

  5. A friend of mine wants to be this when she grows up and she told me that they make about $100.00 an hour. She said she was interested in helping out people and getting paid a buttload.

  6. i think so… what i hear of phychiatists income is very well, considering they are paid by the hour. (i think)

  7. yes, they do, they are doctors. doctors notoriously make good money.
    i also answered your last question saying this…
    oh and if you want to be a psychIAtrist, (i make that uppercase, because theres a difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist.. hopefully if you want to be one, you know that by now.), you’ll have to go to medical school and get an MD, because you will be diagnosing and giving medications.
    so, while you will be making money… you have to remember a LOT of that will be going to pay off student loans, because medical school isn’t cheap.
    start getting GREAT grades now, if you arent already, because the field of medicine is a VERY competitive field, and a psychIAtrist is technically in the “field of medicine”.

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