Home Discussion Forum psychiatrists for poor people that dont have the money to pay?

psychiatrists for poor people that dont have the money to pay?

Psychiatrists are so expensive or they want to bill your insurance company. What do poor people or people below the poverty line, do when they need counseling? Or people that have insurance but they dont want to bill their insurance. Is there like discount shrinks that will see you for like $20 or a more fair price?


  1. If the situation is very bad (like thoughts of suicide or harming another person) then call a crisis line and maybe they can refer you to someone. You can try a charity hospital but 9 times out of 10 they are going to admit you to the psych ward for observation and treatment. Of course I know not everyone feels this way but even though I don’t attend church I still pray when I have a bad day and for some reason it always makes me feel better. Good Luck.

  2. Yes, there are both Psychiatrists and Mental Health Therapists who will see you based on your income. Some of the more attentive and caring ones will also have means of helping you with needed medication if you have no insurance. You may have to go thru your local Community Mental Health listings, and make a few calls, but they are there.

  3. poor people dont need counselling it is a side affect of being wealthy
    what do wealthy people do when they need a friend to talk to they take out there check book and go rent a friend for an hr how special i wish i was rich and had all those rent a friends


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