Sunday, September 26, 2021

psychedelics to beat ocd?

i believe i may have severe ocd. i have constant irrational fears that i have to nullify by testing myself and other moral/ethical concepts to prove i am not a monster/going completely insane. sorry if this bores you, but anxiety/neuroticism may stem from an excess of glutamin (an excitory neurotransmitter that causes neurons to fire and even misfire occasionally). i have tried lsa (looking to find the truth) but the main method of action for lsa is stimulating glutamin to levels that can agonize the 4th and 5th cortex, and i had a neurotic trip and did not break through.
i have acquired dmt, dimethyltryptamine (the chemical produces in the pineal gland that makes humans dream), and unlike lsa, dmt acts as the neurotransmitter and glutamin should be somewhat suppressed. dmt is said to be the psychedelic experience, is completely safe provided i don’t murder myself under the influence of it, and has been said to lead people on journeys to self discovery.
in your honest opinion. could opening myself up, past my ego and doubt, bring me any truth as to who i really am?
i’m not looking for a high, and i don’t know of a local shaman that could guide me. i was thinking of doing it alone or with a firned, and attempting to document it with a camcorder.
i’m willing to endur the latter, to endur judgement if that should so be the truth.


  1. i would say its worth a try as long as you do it safely. you know spotter and all. also research it first as you probably already have. make sure you know what your getting yourself into and be prepared for it.

  2. Let me tell you from experience that psychedelics can be extremely good or extremely bad. You have to think hard before you use them because once you do you will never think the same way again. I tried them and i think im a better person for the most part but it has some consenquences although i think the pros outweight the conds. Psychedelics can definitely make you see things as they really are and for some people it’s scary. Im no doctor but psychedelics can either completely cure you of your ocd because they make you see them for what they really are or they will make you practically go insane if you cant handle what it shows you.

  3. Watch Monk. It’ll make you feel better about your obsessive behavior.
    Don’t go for the psychedelics just yet. Try therapy first.

  4. Thats a very interesting question. Thanks for asking it. I have had the experience of both guiding people and using both psychadelics and empathagens, personally,— not to get “high”—but, for similar purposes, of opening up and self-discovery.
    I have never used or guided anyone using DMT, but have had experience with AMT, 5-Meo-amt, 2cb, psylocibin, Mdma (ecstasy) Mde, and LSD. many of these, in my opinion, would be wonderful tools in conjunction with a caring, non-judgemental therapist.
    Do as much research, (looks as if you have) and if at all possible try to find a trusted, guide/ sitter
    There are some psychological dangers, with any potent psychoactive, so make sure that you understand and are willing to accept the risks and responsibilities.
    Tryptamines and phenethylamines can often be tools to reach places in your self that are difficult, or impossible to access otherwise. Just remember that any chemical, merely opens the door, it doesn’t do your work for you.
    Good wishes. Peace. Be Safe


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