Psi, telepathy. If we have them can we make our wishful thinking a reality?

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A large number of phenomena or experiences are considered psychic, or at least legitimate topics of parapsychological inquiry: these include telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis (or mind-over-matter), psychic healing, out-of-body experiences, poltergeists and a number of others.
If we, the humans, have those in ourselves, can the day-dreaming, wishful thinking, concentrating your energy toward the fulfillment of our goals through meditation effect the course of our real lives? Meaning, can we control some events in our lives because we concentrate our energy alone towards its fulfillment?

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No, thinking about reaching your goals is not going to help unless you act positively to do something to help you achieve them.

T.J. Clever

No, just because you think about something doesn’t mean that it will become a reality. The best way to make a thought into a reality is through prayer, planning, and hard work.


When I’m doing a mind reading magic trick, I preface it with something like “…these are abilities we all possess. With time, discipline, and focus anybody can perform these demonstrations”.
I’m not lying, doing a magic trick particularly mentalism is something anyone could do if they apply themselves.
But I never take beyond the context of a show or a trick.
It’s important to be able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality.
And reality doesn’t change only because you think it will. You have to alter reality in some matter to get the change you desire.


The answer is yes. You can alter your life by thinking, but only in certain ways. For example, you must think positively to bring about good or positive things in your life. If you think negatively then the opposite happens. Give it a try. There are many skeptics out there but I believe this method to be true.
Best of luck to you.
Read the book called -The Secret- for more information.


Be Careful….Are you willing to take the bad with the good? If you start doing this..if it starts to happen..then the bad things that pop into your head might start happening too. I’ve known some people who use The Power of Positive Thinking (book) to control people . I think any time you’re controlling people it’s witchcraft. I asked someone on one of those tv evangelist shows..years pray for me to be able not to smoke. She said, ” Sure..I’ll just pray that you get sick every time you smoke”. I yelled “NOOOO” that’s witchcraft. God heals..He doesn’t make you sick. I also had someone who thought he could use it to will me to marry him. He admitted it to me. Power isn’t always a good thing.


The answer is yes. It is also a ‘it depends’ answer. You can’t get a formula from psychics ‘r’ us and sit down in 5 minutes and become one of the above. Anyone who finds the path spends years on their journey and may die without accomplishing it.
That is the reason more people don’t just do it. Science is announcing on a regular basis things that grass roots people already know and practice. They make a joke out of it by saying something like, ‘Your mother was right you should eat all your vegetables’.
When they discover what ever energy that gives people their special abilities it will be the same.
I’m betting on the string theory and fuzzy logic.


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