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Protection against negative peoples energies?

How do super sensitive protect yourself from the external energies of your environment/other people.
Why- because even after having an argument you cannot seem to move on and still have that stagnant negative energy within you. How can I protect myself against this. I think it sometimes even makes me feel sick – literally.


  1. I know what you mean. I hate confrontations and arguements, so I try to avoid them as much as possible. I am anti-social and have no one I hang out with. I ignore the people who give off negative energy, but in my opinion, this is not healthy. This is what I do, but I don’t think it’s the right thing to do. Being anti-social is not mentally, emotionally healthy. Just know you can not avoid everyone in real life, and try to get along with everyone as much as you can.

  2. This is probably one of the question I get most when I talk to people. I love people who say “I don’t let negative people in my life …” to which I answer” Which deserted Island are you living on because they are everywhere…”
    Like the person above me said you have to live your life in the light. Be positive in everything you say or do. Negative people want nothing to do with those that are positive all the time. Don’t forget misery company …
    I can speak with you much more about this but I don’t want to do it in the answer … feel free to email me and I will be more then happy to help …
    Edit – Thanks wren … Holy cr@p it looked like I was having a stroke when I was typing that … stupid useless spell check …lol

  3. There are certain stones that can be worn, that some believe aid with the blocking of particular energies, or attraction of others. I will include a link for you to view, as you should find a stone that fits with you rather than just being told which one to use.
    I believe that it is necessary for a person to lean to “shield” themselves. Meditation, yoga..things like this help to balance you and will make it easier to block that negative feelings from others. If you can help it at all..just stay away from these people!
    You may also want to smudge your home (with sage) to help cleanse it as well. And though it may sound strange, actually *clean*! Get all that extra clutter and junk out. You will be surprised how much it helps. Best of luck to you. Bright Blessings.
    ((FYOP))) Are you feeling okay dear? I am not used to seeing you post an unreadable answer but it looks like you were trying to type that with your forehead!

  4. First, recent studies show that the brain does actually release a chemical that produces the effects you describe. The chemical is called ‘CRH’, or something like that. It impedes the exchange of energy through the brain’s synapses, and so actually renders us stupid, tired, and even sick.
    But as others have suggested, it is not so much ‘negative people” who are the problem, but their effect on you. I’m not being judgmental. I am too easily upset or intimidated by others just as you apparently are.
    I’ve looked over the answers here, and there are a variety of suggestions. Worth noting besides is the admission that if you yourself are already off-balance from independent causes — worry about money, for instance — then you are far more likely to be tipped over by others, whether intentionally or not.

  5. I remind myself, that if you throw black paint through the air, the air is unstained. We are responsible to observe our thoughts, accept complete responsibility for them, and after observing them closely, give them the importance they deserve. Who is it that retains this stagnant negative energy and needs protection from it? Oh! Where did he go?
    Whatever is causing disturbance in you is your next lesson; your next opportunity for liberation.

  6. Each day when you rise, visualize yourself completely encased inside an *egg* of Brilliant White Energy which will rebuff any negative energy..Renew that thought/awareness when it pops into your mind during the day..
    If you are talking to someone and instantly know they are taking and using your energy, gently place your right hand over your solar plexus and, in your mind*s eye, close the door there and lock it with a gold bar and padlock..Keep the hand there and you will feel the difference and protection..Sometimes the other person will suddenly lose interest!
    When we think OF someone we think and connect TO them, so it is sometime necessary to *de cord* from people, for we remain in energetic contact with them until we break that link..How?..Sit quietly and go into the stillness..Visualize the person standing in front of you and *see* Hands of Light coming from above and lifting the person up until they disappear in the Light above..That leaves the actual cord link between your solar plexus and them..See that as a cord and CUT that cord using imaginary scissors, knife, chopper etc..(I make the chopping action with my hand in front of me which helps me KNOW that I have separated that cord or wire or cable or whatever)..
    Then see their remnant of cord disappearing into the Light above, and, using your hands physically, gently *draw out* the roots of the cord from your solar plexus as you would carefully remove the roots of a plant from the soil, actually doing the physical action while you visualize it happening..You will usually feel an immediate release or detachment and, if it was a negative connection, relief!
    We remain connected with ALL weve ever thought about!..So decording is important, even with those we love around us or at a distance, for that allows both you and them to be in their own energy, space and vibration..It*s even more important with those whose link with us is less than loving!..OK?
    If someone is attacking you psychicly, visualize an outward facing mirror completely surrounding you (or your house or car etc) which will then reflect back to source all the negative energy aimed at you without your actually creating or intending anything negative and thus setting up karma..


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