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Proper Way Of Raising Kundalini Serpent?

what is the proper way of raising the powerful kundalini serpent?
i have read much about it and i know what must be done in-order to successfully handle it,
but i read from so many different books and articles on how to properly cause it too rise, so i need to know what way is best involving mantras and mudras? so far SaTaNaMa seems promising but i am still not sure.


  1. indian gurus and the such say that improperly attempting this causes schizophrenic symptoms but on the other hand a reasonable individual would see that this is just a bunch of nonsense

  2. There is a few meditations that could be used depending on your style of spirituality. if you’d like more information on this feel free to email me, or yahoo i.m. and I will give further information, and resources if needed.


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