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Proof incubi and succubi exist?

So I had a strange experience more than 6 months ago. Long time ago, I know it shouldn’t matter anymore, but it keeps popping into my head every so often and it leaves me with so many questions…
I’m pretty sure (as according to folklore) it was and incubus. I tried reasoning with myself by saying that it was sleep paralysis, but it definitely was not. I was awake when it happened. It’s a slightly long story, so I’m just going to get to the point.
I was wondering if it has ever been possible evidence that incubi and succubi do exist? If so, can you provide any of the info?
I did plenty of research on sleep paralysis because it freaked me out so much. I was awake when it happened and I wasn’t unable to move the entire time, though there was a moment when I couldn’t (which is why I tried to convince myself it was sleep paralysis). It was as though I was lying on his chest. I thought it was my bf trying to kiss me and rubbing against me because it was his voice. When I tried to turn around and look at him, he held me tight. I could move, but it was a struggle. I got one shoulder free, but not the other. I was able to turn and look at him and it was not by any means my bf. After I made eye contact with the thing, it whizzed out of my room like floating, but FAST. There was a white androgynous figure at the end of my bed and I stared at it for a whole minute until it disappeared, then turned on the light. I kept track of time through everything.There’s more to the story, mostly in the beginning, but it won’t fit.
I had a miscarriage about a month before it happened, idk if that means anything, but I’ve heard it might.


  1. good luck with proof. all i have is personal experience. seems that way with anything deemed unnatural. people have trouble accepting things they have not personally experienced. some have trouble talking about it even if they had. good luck.

  2. You can read into it if you want, but I think know what it was: sleep paralysis. It’s when you wake up in the middle of the night unable to move. Read it on Wikipedia. 🙂

  3. Matthew 16:23 Jesus turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

  4. I believe they’re very real. Very evil but real. I had something very similar happen to me thrice before but only the first incidence was very sexual & really spooky. I was in bed & then “I guess sleep paralysis symptoms” where I was awake but thought I was dreaming but I could clearly see all my surroundings. There was a dark shadow (bummer no hot incubus to look at) that was ugly in shape (hard to explain) that kept trying to rape me & I could feel it trying really hard to get me to surrender. I couldn’t talk or move or anything so I just kept calling “Jesus” in my head until it left me alone. Almost instantly after that they disappeared & I was able to move & talk freely again. I found out it might have something to do with all my previously promiscuous life style that opens the door for them. So yeah…To be honest though I think they just know when you’ve distant yourself from God & prayer & you’re insanely stressed so they attack you in your sleep when you’re most vulnerable.

  5. Even after what happened to you you are looking for ‘proof’? Your personal experience is proof enough of incubi’s existence. People’s experiences with demons, ghosts etc are the proof. How can you not realize it?

  6. You seem very convinced it was not sleep paralysis. I will assume the same.
    I’ve been involved with an intimate spirit for +31 years. Most of that time she was stealthy and I didn’t know the reality of this. I recognized her when she revealed herself mid 2008 and I’ve been on an information search almost everyday.
    I’ve also been looking for people with encounters and many of us share knowledge through experience.
    I don’t have all the answers. But I can say that you are not alone, there are more than people generally believe. All of these beings have different motives and all different personalities. Some are extremely thoughtful, respectful and kind. Some are not. Most are somewhere inbetween.
    They are not necessarily evil although mythology and stereotype paints them all the same with a broad brush.
    If it happened once 6 months ago then I wouldn’t worry about it. I’d file it in memory as experiencing something only a relatively few people do.
    Probably most important is your concern about the miscarriage. You MUST realize it was only a medical condition which you had no control over and nothing more. You must not blame yourself.
    I understand how you might make a connection between the two but in all the females I’ve discussed encounters and situations with, none had reported that medical occurrence.
    Contrary to mythology, stereotypical beliefs or Hollywood, I don’t believe an intimate spirit is necessarily evil. It’s definetly not what I experience on a daily level or the large number of other people I am in communication with.
    If you want more info my email is in the sources box below.
    Please take care.


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