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Promote Religious Tolerance…?

**has been recieved from several pagan forums. I’m just passing it along**
All practitioners of Earth religions, Wicca, Shamanism, Druidry etc, are being encouraged to wear a purple ribbon as a way of promoting religious tolerance and to potentially raise awareness: On Sept. 21st to 22nd all Witches are going to wear little purple ribbons so everyone will know Who Else is a witch/wiccan/pagan. But no one can do this if they don’t know about it, so pass the word along! This message goes to all Witches, Wiccans, Pagans from all sorts of traditions.
We can make a day for Ourselves!! Actually, two days!!! You can buy a purple ribbon anywhere, Dollar store, wal-mart, shoppers drug mart, anywhere…Wear it in your Hair, or pin it up to your shirt. Make it public!!!
Will you participate?


  1. oh can i join in .. can everyone from every religion ..
    that is an awsome idea !!
    and i will use any excuse to wear purple lol

  2. i’m sorry i’m not into wicca and paganism!!
    i have a different religion but i would like to promote religious tolerance too.

  3. But religious intolerance is so much sexier…
    Unlike purple ribbons, which are just plain dull and evoke SPAM-like “questions” from people.

  4. Many of us here (in my community) will be participating, we do every year. I posted this on my blog a few days ago to help make others aware of the event.
    Blessings )O(

  5. Simply — no.
    The message going around, both this one and variations are of themselves against the very cause they support — i.e. imply Pagans are ‘Earth-based’ and imply all Pagans are Witches or vice versa — granted it comes from poor writing skills, but then when someone makes mistakes such as these it does show the mind-set of the writer as well as the mind-set of those reading and supporting this ’cause’.
    Not my reason not to wear a ribbon myself, my reason is simply that it is not needed, people know I am Pagan and in my 23 years as Pagan I have not had one single person show me prejudice, when people ask about my pentagram I tell them. I think the idea of my wearing a purple ribbon in an environment where it is not needed would be crossing into zealot territory — i.e. victim mentality and pushing my faith onto other people when it is really nothing to do with them and the idea of tolerance where I am is not needed as we already have it.
    The original cause itself comes from Fellowship of the Earth have been doing this for at almost a decade now as ‘Fight the Fear’, for the most part people don’t seem to follow it. They don’t hold any day, however generally speaking those who do observe their cause choose to wear their ribbon on Pagan Pride Day despite the ribbon campaign of FOTE not being associated with the Pagan Pride Project.
    The purple ribbon is also a symbol of the Keep Wicca Traditional campaign, in other words preventing the dilution of what it means to be Wicca and an attempt to end ignorance and misinformation about Wicca – i.e. making the distinction between Wicca and Neo-wicca.
    Purple ribbon also supports the purple ribbon is best known as a symbol for the International Purple Ribbon Project to end interpersonal violence, a good cause however with some sexist undertones (i.e. cause against violence, with women=victim/men=abusers mentality).


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