Projection Question for experienced astral projectors?

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Can Angels or Spirit guides become visible after you project?
Laugh out loud, Laugh out loud…….wooo!, the usual unenlightend. Sir I will debate you anytime I put a question regarding it in a unbiased basis. But your to unintelligent for it.
I gave you a thumbs down if you don’t mind. 🙂
Sigh…. T R is the only good skeptic in this section, and I respect well, not you pd you don’t deserve it.

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Haunting You

In dreamland, anything is possible! Seriously, dude, these are dreams. Angels and spirit guides? You gotta be kidding me.
Edit: “But your [sic] to [sic] unintelligent for it”. That should be “you’re” and “too”. Oh, the irony.


Yes. And not only angels and spirit guides, but unicorns as well. You also might see Buddha, Jesus and Aquaman, and also leprechauns and gnomes having a jamboree. If you’re lucky you might even see Snap, Crackle and Pop, or the Keebler elves.


Yes. I’ve met with my spirit guides and also other people.
The communication is usually verbal, but sometimes telepathic(on the astral plane).
Some were passed on, some were still incarnated.
I’ve not met with Angels, but believe it is possible.
Others say they have met with Angels.
Skeptics are only the people who have no experience.
They are usually fearful of the possibility of the existence of any phenomena which doesn’t agree with their belief system. I didn’t believe until it happened to me spontaneously, so I don’t blame skeptics.

Tammy Tranton

When I did it i met my ansestors and spirit guides so the answer is yes.

Peter D

Anything’s possible…when you’re dreaming, so sure.


during it yes, though your vision may be blurry, just remember not all spirits are friendly and im not just talking about demons


Yes you can see them….
Years ago I astral traveled, I met this woman who was a spirit, and we hugged as if we knew one another. I thought it was a dream, But now after astral travel, projections, and actually meeting my spirit guide so many times I know it really did happen. But I can see her when I am wide awake, and when I sleep as my third eye opens. I also seen another spirit, a bad one when I projected, I actually had a fight with him, I won, with the help of my spirit guide as she came to my aid.
Thanks for the question:)


when astral projecting/OBE can you posses someone else who is out of there body?

I want to try that. If i can even leave my body first. what do you mean dont be paralysed??? is there something i should know?

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