Home Discussion Forum problems at tai chi :(( help?

problems at tai chi :(( help?

i practice tai chi (just once a week at school).
but last week i was feeling very bad during that hour (after and before that i was ok)…
my feet were trembling (hard) and i felt that my energy was draining…
i wonder why 🙁 (that was the first time it happened)….


  1. Sounds like you may have had a blood sugar level issue. If this occurs more frequently get a check up. Other than that always start your session with deep breathing and a short meditation. Make sure you are ready to relax. Do not force the movement let it flow. Also brush off your arms between sets. I have no Idea why this works. Folk medicine says it releases excess Chi. I think it give a moment between sets to relax further. All I know for sure is that it helps. I used to get shaky sometimes after about eight sets of eight. Make sure you have a little something to eat about an hour before class. Complex carb is the best. Not more than a couple hundred calories. See if this helps. Stay away from soft drinks, even artificial sweetened. Just water is the best.

  2. Do you only practice it at the school? Not at home, daily?
    Also, if you are premenstrual, it might affect you negatively.
    If your feet were trembling, there may be stagnancy in the area – maybe circulation problems or old injury.
    Qi may be blocked from sinking down to the feet and rooting you.


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