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Problem meditating………. kundalini?

I’m having a problem with meditating. My head sways from side to side and I get super dizzy and I feel like I have the spins like when you drink too much- only I don’t drink.
I also feel like my spine in the center of the back of my neck is moving. Is there a reason for this?


  1. I did kundalini meditation but fire came shooting out of my root chakra sending me blasting into the sky and I hit my head on the ceiling and that sure made me dizzy.
    You will get over the dizziness. And your spine will never stop moving. It does too much work and has too many nerves and muscles to worry about, unless you decide to spend 10 or more minutes in Balasana.
    But you would be better off if you confess Jesus. It will do you more good than any meditation ever could.

  2. As a fellow mediator first thing I suggest is you speak with a doctor just to be absolutely sure its not something else.
    Kundalini is known to be rather stressful, some asanas may just not mesh with your body so research how you are seated and what other opinions on it are it.
    If its not any of these things then maybe you are close to a break though and in that case you just have to clench up and go through with it until it passes.

  3. Trying meditating supine on your back. That should cure that. Also, clothes are very restrictive. Do it naked.
    Baby oil wouldn’t hurt either.

  4. kundalini is satanic & your spine keeps moving because of the serpent.
    Not a good thing to get into to. Ask Y’shua to deliver you.
    Thumbs down all you like:( I have seen this in
    many churches & it is the very same thing, I even
    got bitten by one of those snakes, so be warned.

  5. without the supervision of expert in kundalini u should not practise it..
    my advise u to stop r else u will suffer lot
    consult doctor first then meet a expert in kundalini
    dont take risk

  6. Sit for meditation only when you feel fresh. Concentrate in the middle of the two eyebrows and stop all thoughts. There will be little difficulties in the beginning but you can enjoy the benefit latter.


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