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Pretend aliens destroyed Earth's core using advanced weaponry. What would happen to the Earth?

Let’s pretend some nasty aliens had a laser or energy weapon that could punch through the layers of the Earth(minimal surface damage) and made the inner and outer core disintegrate. What would happen to the rest of the planet?


  1. Earth will eventually perish, because the core has been consumed. Nothing will be left out except the outer crust of once being our home planet. Core has a big impact to our planet and we already know the importance of it as an integral composition of Earth.

  2. Well, if the earth wasn’t destroyed in the process, we would lose our magnetic field that blocks the harmful solar radiation from killing us. The core and the fluid motion around it is what gives the earth it’s magnetic field. Without this, our magnetic field would be gone. Most life on the surface of the planet would die from solar radiation. Our atmosphere would bleed off into space much quicker as the solar winds would blow our atmosphere away over time, which would eventually cause our oceans to boil away because of the massive drop in air pressure over time. Mars is a great example of what earth would eventually look like. Mars no longer has an active core and no longer has a magnetic field which is why it has such a thin atmosphere and no liquid water on it’s surface.

  3. nothing would be able to hold up the mantle and crust so we would collapse under gravity. it would be a huge mess and everything would die. Eventually we would become a smaller silicate planet probably with no magnetic field.

  4. We will live a long time if people pay respect to the Unknown and have the literature know of the world believe in God protect the universe and humans are kick-in it right! CLEAN MOTHER EARTH!!!


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