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Premonition during sleep paralysis?

I’ve had sleep paralysis for a couple of years now, comes every month or so. A few days ago I fell asleep in the late afternoon/evening for a short period of time and awoke to sleep paralysis. During this particular episode I began to hallucinate, but only in sounds, as I usually do (happened a few times before and once for a visual hallucination.) I was also able to open and close my eyes which I usually am not able to do (unless I was imagining this.) Anyway, I was hearing my friends mother scolding her about something. Well we’d done something bad the other night and I thought it was about that and I had a feeling this was happening in real time so I struggled to break free of the paralysis to warn my friend. I pretty much disnintegrated the hallucination so I was not able to get more information. But when I broke free I got up and wrote down what I remembered of what her mom said and then immediately called my friend and told her. She told me nothing like that had happened yet but she would be cautious. The next day I fell asleep at around the same time and woke up about the same time and right after I woke up my friend called and told me her mom had just scolded her much like the hallucination I had described (but not for the reason I expected). This could easily be just a coincidence but I was wondering if maybe anyone else who experiences sleep paralysis had something like this happen? If so, then that would be interesting because it might mean my other hallucinations were some sort of premonition (a song and screams).


  1. Honestly dreams and sleep paralysis are the best. Before I use to be scared of sleep paralysis but now I look forward to it because I encounter all these awesome experiences. Yes it was a premonition and you will have much more.

  2. It’s quite possible. Sometimes while just waking up or just falling asleep, i can see through closed eyelids. It is almost always what my physical eyes see when i open them.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens sporadically throughout your life.

  3. Yes! And it’s no coincidence. Sleep paralysis is a “Mind Awake / Body Asleep” state, so what you perceive during it isn’t drowned out by the usual avalanche of bodily sense data. Related MABA states that can be reached through it include lucid dreaming and out of body experiences, so it’s a much more exotic form of consciousness than most people realize.


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