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Premature Kundalini awakening?

I have respect for all religions and spiritual beliefs, but I don’t need people telling me that I have an evil energy in my body. I’d just like some advice from people who know what I am talking about.
About 9 months ago I did 3 hits of LSD which I believe led me to a premature Kundalini activation. For the first 4 months I was convinced I was dying. I had severe anxiety and fears of dying, fears of the planet getting destroyed, and I was convinced I was losing my mind. My body vibrates constantly. I have uncontrollable body movements, especially when I am trying to rest or sleep. Sometimes my tongue twitches or feels as if it is being pushed down by some force. I have outer body experiences and most of the day I feel as if I am not even in my body. I have always been able to feel the energy and feelings of others, but since I think the Kundalini has activated it has been ten times more intense. Sometimes I feel as if the weight of the worlds sorrow is on my shoulders. It’s hard to think or even concentrate, my mind often feels blank. I live in San Francisco and I am not aware of any Gurus or spiritual teachers being down here. I am basically wondering what should I be doing at this point? Thanks for any advice or help.


  1. Ok I experienced some similar things by doing Kundalini Yoga its been 3 years and its hard but its getting better. First off go for a barefoot walk out in nature or get in a pool or lake that helps, also when you are too hot from the energy go splash some water on your back. Secondly now is not the time to meditate especially doing chakra chants, because you are already over stimulated. If you can get a hold of some Klonopin or Ativan or even Alcohol that should help in emergencies but don’t get dependent Ativan helps if you need to drive somewhere and K energy is messing with your concentration (never use Alcohol for help with this) thirdly when it has started to calm down then learn meditation and open your chakras. Also work on voiding your mind. Also try to find some understanding friends anyone you can talk to about this is good. Hope this helps.You will feel better than you ever have in your life soon enough when you are balanced. Look forward to it and good luck
    Edit: Hanging around people who think this is evil and trying to talk to them about it will further unbalance you and is no help I know I have had to deal with that as well.

  2. Hi. I’m with you here. About a decade or so ago, I experimented with ecstasy. Feeling came alive in my heart after this, but my brain was worlds away. Through the years: alcoholism, isolation. About a year ago, I came to the realization that I had a premature kundalini activation. I found this man’s work whom I trusted. he says a premature kundilini activation is existing in simultaneous realities. I then came to realize that, indeed, I was in many past lifetime realities at once and therefore could not function in this one. Through this, I’ve been led to realize the past incarnation where I had made an incorrect decision, therefore acting out a deed that would tie me into the lower vibrations in this physical reality. This man teaches that we choose to be born into this world, into specific genetics/families to release the victim mins pattern which everyone born here has. I invite you to visit this man’s website @ expansions.com His name is Stewart Swedlow and his videos are available on youtube as well.


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