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practical taoism in the US?

i have just recently been introduced to Taoism. I read a couple different translations of the Tao Te Ching. I was wondering what are some practical ways to ‘practise’ Taoism? I oftem find myself thinking about things i come across in relation to some of the verses from the translations.


  1. Taoism is super-natury! Go out for a walk, don’t hurt anything/anyone, go with the flow, enjoy yourself, and learn Tai Chi.

  2. Taoism taught me more about true truth than church did.
    It is said that the Toa that can be explained, is not the Tao. The truth that can be explained, is not the truth either.
    In both cases you must try to discern the truths’ meaning from the shadow it casts.
    In Taoism, that statement makes sense.


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