Possible To Have a Healthy Interest in the Occult?

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Is there any thing wrong with an interest in the occult, demons, ghosts and what? Is it wrong to read books on it and other paranormal things. Do you believe it dangerous or anyhing?

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Its possible to have a healthy interest in anything.






Yes… everyone has a questioning mind !… at least the smart ones do !:)


the occult is satanic.

Vikings & Cupcakes~RIP Les Paul

I have a healthy interest in it, i.e. I seem to know a lot about the subject however I don’t take part in it. Same thing goes with religion for me.


Not at all mate. As long as your not out there killing chickens and stealing stuff from churches, your fine. The occult is an interesting field of study, just don’t get carried away.

Mr Intelligent Trousers

After a while you’ll get fed up and bored with it.


I think it is a very bad idea. The spirit world is real. There are demons who will gladly lead you to destruction.


I would advise against occultic practices, but you can do what you want. You don’t seem like the religious type, so I won’t quote scripture at you, but suffice it to say that it’s bad.

Christopher Johnson

It is especially dangerous to dabble in the occult, and it can only increase ones fear when they are alone in an old building, as many things are easily misconstrued through imaginative assumptions. It is like looking through the filter of the discombobulated mind.


I have been a long time occult practitioner who has dealt with various types of strange phenomena, yet have still managed to keep a job, modest living quarters, and relationships that are relatively normal. I’ve never been possessed by any spirit, never hurt anyone, never been led astray. Whatever interest you may have be detached and keep it separate from your day to day life.


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