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I am a strong christian, and recently have been reading about the more you claim a positive idea for your life that you will attract it. Same goes for negative ideas. They say our body energy is like a magnet. Does anyone have any experience {relevant} that would pertain to this widespread idea that seems to be becoming more popular? Thanks for your help in advance!! 😀


  1. Positive thinking can help you (in terms of self-confidence and in terms of helping you to attempt tasks that you might otherwise not attempt).
    Beyond that, positive and negative energy talk is basically New Age terminology and concepts. Caveat Emptor!

  2. Hi there BB! I am a big believer in this concept, known as the universal law of attraction.
    We are the authors of our own experiences, via God’s gift of free will and hence, the universal law of attraction.
    The universal law of attraction maintains that the vibrations we emit via our conscious or unconscious beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words (written and verbal) and actions, and whether they are positive or negative, love-based or fear-based, lead to the events that we experience in return, in one form or another.
    These vibrations occur singly, by individuals and collectively, by societies and cultures.
    I have listed a couple of good books which talk more about the concept.

  3. These concepts have been taught throughout history, and are nothing new.
    They are also endorsed by many who walk the path of metaphysics.
    In conclusion: Like attracts Like……………….

  4. Whatever is going on internally within you is exactly what you will get in your external reality. That means your thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, etc.

  5. This idea has been around a long time and it is a double edged sword. The idea that if we pray hard enough and long enough we will get what we want. We as Christians must remember that God never said He was a genie to grant all our desires. Some people site the verse:
    Psa 37:4 Delight thyself also in Jehovah; And he will give thee the desires of thy heart.
    What many people don’t realize is that what God is saying is He will put the desires into your heart for how we can serve Him.
    If we pray for something we have to remember that we won’t get things God doesn’t want for us. When you pray, consider this verse:
    Jam 4:3 Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may spend it in your pleasures.

  6. I don’t think you “attract it”, I mean how can you “attract” something that isn’t there….
    It’s just like the saying is, if you want something bad enough, and work hard for it, you will get it.
    If you dont, how can you expect anything?

  7. Well first, I am surprised that a strong christian would call herself bikerbitch… I ride a bike, and am a christian, but want to be called something with respect.
    In answer to your question, I haven’t heard quite what you are talking about, but have heard that you can speak positive and negative into your spirit.
    Our words are very powerful, hence the tongue is a small rudder that moves a ship.
    God created the universe with spoken words. Christ raised people from the dead by calling out..
    So can we speak truth and power in our christian walk, absolutely. can we speak negative, absolutely. When I get depressed or sad, I speak out scripture in my home. It fills my spirit up. Nothing is more powerful than the word

  8. This idea has been popular for a great deal of time. If you speak to any person who ”you” view as successfull. Ask them how many times that person told him/herself ”I can do this!!”

  9. It’s called Karma honey. They removed it from the Bible years ago (thought you shouldn’t know). Everything you put out, comes back to you, only multiplied! That’s the simplest answer I can give ya.
    Ask a Catholic.

  10. when you think of lovely thoughts tendency is you be lovely, loving etc– in the same way when you think of ill thoughts– your actions will speak volumes of it.. negative thoughts produces negativity and positive thoughts also produces positivite things- the process creates the energy and is reflected in your body— ayy– be beautiful– garnish your thoughts will loveliness unceasingly!

  11. Being optimistic may help you feel and do better in life but there is no invisible energy floating around anywhere. That’s why Feng Shui doesn’t work.

  12. This concept has been around for a long, long, time. It’s called the power of positive thinking. I recently watched a sermon by Joel Olsteen (I think thats it) and he was spewing this drivle. True success and enlightenment come from balance. You must strive through the negative to be appreciative of the postive. I hope that helps.

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