Positive and negative energy?






Okay, in 3rd grade, I learned the basics of posotive and negative energy can effect anything’s behavior. It’s really weird. I thought everyone knew that at that age, do you?
(I learned it because my teacher was a VERY posotive person.
She wanted us to be posotive and we asked why, she showed us a huge fat book with pictures of a snowflake that listened to heavey metal music, and another that listened mozart. Same with Rice and swears. (It molded) )
(If you even did learn it yet)


  1. I am a firm believer in positive waves.Last year at our golf league my partner was so negative all year long.Then with about three weeks to go I was playing well and he was not and I said we can win this thing and he about bit my head off.Well I kept up the positive waves and overcame his negative energy and we won the league in the playoff.I started thinking like this about 5 years ago.

  2. About 3 years ago when i was 16, i didn’t believe in negative and positive energy. Then , couple of times i heard how my mum and aunt were discussing one man, about in one event. They were talking about, when he came to the party, party’s atmosphere changed become boring… So, I decide that if adult people are talking about that i should try to meet some positive and negative people. Then i asked from my mother who has positive and negative energy from our neighbours. So, by being their quest every evening, i understand that it is true. With some people who are full of energy you become also very positive even if you have headache or bad day! In addition, weather, music,movies and etc… have kind of positive and negative energy… you should analyse it, you don’t have to take a lesson, and you start to understand it when u feel it, there is no age of it… ;)))

  3. There is a certain relative of mine that exudes negative energy, and even spending as little as ten minutes in her company can make me feel overly negative. I find it hard to shrug it off when I leave too. Even though I’m quite a positive person, it seems to physically drain me. I try not to spend too much time with her if I can avoid it.

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