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Positive and Negative energy, is there proof?

Positive energy that of love, happiness, joy, kindness, gratification and forgiveness is one energy
Negative energy that of hate, fear, judgment, pain, anger, and so on
Is there any scientific proof that these two energies are in fact real, and if so does anyone have any good links for it
Thank you and have a great day


  1. this is a question of social or behavoral science…
    but an interesting note… the ancient greeks had a phase diagram: earth, wind, water, fire = solid, liquid, gas, plasma.
    according Empedocles , the interaction of the four elements was influenced by the relationship between the two great life energies of Love and Strife.
    Love was attractive, caused bonds & coalescence etc, strife was repulsive, broke bonds & dissociated….
    “Empedocles adds a moral dimension to his argument by associating Love with good and Strife with evil. The influence of each principle waxes and wanes in a cycle of opposition that Empedocles calls “The Vortex.” At the beginning of time, Love completely dominated the universe. As a consequence, the four elements were unified into a sphere and segregated according to their type– a quarter of the sphere was water, a quarter was air, and the remaining half was divided equally by earth and fire. However, with the introduction of Strife “The Sphere” was gradually dissolved, slowly scattering the elements throughout the universe. The complete dissolution of The Sphere was achieved by the eventual predominance of Strife. However, Love began to gather strength again, causing the elements to congregate in clusters, and thereby creating life. Eventually, the elements will form a second unity, a second “Sphere,” and the cycle will reset. ”

  2. Those things you name are EMOTIONS not ENERGIES.
    There ARE real, but not in a scientific sense, at least not like heat or light or electricity.
    Since what you name are emotions, the “goodness” or “badness” of them is relative to the situation. For example, you list gratification as “good”. But if we seek only our own gratification, then that is defined as “selfishness” – which is bad.
    You list pain as “bad”, but without pain how would you know when to remove your finger from a fire, or visit the doctor to have a cancer removed? Pain is good! Anger is good, because it protects us from being with people or in situations where we might get damaged. Fear is good, because it keeps us from those situations in the first place.
    You list judgment as bad, yet that is the very quality that we seek from a holy God. We ask him to judge both us and others, and we voluntarily place ourselves under His judgment. Judgment must be the ultimate good!
    These qualities cannot be defined in scientific terms. They are emotional, not physical (although the do have physical results) and are not energies.


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