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Posing the spiritual question to atheists from a somewhat scientific perspective.?

Many atheists would appear to be opposed to spirituality (religion as well but I am opposed to religion) on the basis of a lack of physical scientific proof. Many quantum physicists as of late have slowly brought into perspective that which the spiritual among us have said for centuries, regarding the duality of light, the phi ratio and how it guides the creation of matter, the discovery of torsion field energy, and the recent discovery of the “zero-point field” which has been known among the spiritual as the “Akashic field”. These discoveries have lead to the idea that you literally can not separate consciousness itself from the fabric of space-time and as such, consciousness is an inherent part of the growth and development of space-time as a whole (ie universally). Having lived in a world your entire lives in which the patterns of the phi ratio dictates the movement of not only matter and energy but also consciousness itself: how is it that you can not have a belief in your own existence being the result of a higher consciousness than our own, with each of us simply being another facet of that higher consciousness attempting to experience reality as a whole through our varying perspectives.
If you have ever been in deep enough meditation to realize that every thought and action taken by you or I is simply the result of our genetic codes placement within the fabric of space-time, then you would have no problem realizing that god isn’t this male figure in the sky smiting the disobedient. YOU are a piece of what could be called the entity god, and the universe as a whole IS god. Perhaps to an even larger extent the multiverse IS god.
Just answer me this.
I guess I should hop on over to reddit if I expect intelligent answers to this question…
For those who ARE answering intelligently. I once was a very very adamant atheist. I see organized religion as a prideful and thusly sinful thing and am very very very against organized religion.
And you will come to find that we are all one mind.
To Square Squirrel. the closest I have found to my system of beliefs is vajrayana buddhism. I tend to just call my beliefs “spirituality” because I think that we are all inherently different and as such no preconceived set of beliefs allows us to explore our reality fluidly enough.


  1. Everything your saying is very philosophical. Atheists are not anti-philosphoical, most of us discuss strange matters like this quite often. We are against organized religion which has insane rules which result in insane human behavior. Sure, you can say we are all god, you can say whatever you want. So long as your not altering the state of existence for the entire planet, atheists such as myself don’t mind. But yeah, onto your science… You can relate these new discoveries to supernatural concepts because they are not yet fully known and understood. The thought of the Earth being flat or the Sun being the center of the universe once seemed supernatural, now it’s fully understood and fully accepted knowledge. The things you mentioned as of now can only be compared to something mystical, but that will change eventually.

  2. There are many atheists and agnostics that are “spiritual”, they just do not believe in a supernatural “god”. There is a difference.
    Personally, I have long believed that there are levels of energy and/or “dimensions” that have never been investigated and that the mind can influence these things. So I must admit that my agnosticism has a very pantheist bent.
    Blessings on your Journey!

  3. I am in no way opposed to spirituality; however, I define spirituality as being in harmony with yourself, the people around and the world.
    Also, I have never said I reject the concept utterly that there might be some kind of intelligence at work in the universe; I do however reject the god concepts created my people (the deity of the bible, quran, etc.) as these entities very clearly are not real. In all likelihood, any entity capable of creating the universe is not going to spend a lot of time watching us and certainly wouldn’t create silly rules and regulations for us to follow. It would be more about allowing us to go on about our merry way no matter where that may lead us.

  4. Phi ratio!
    So what do we do with this concept of god? Is it a personal god that answers prayers, gives laws, and gives us salvation? Or is it just something that creates reality and doesn’t care about anything? If so, why should I care about it?

  5. What religious people are trying to get into contact with that they don’t understand I think is their subconscious mind… which I think probably exists outside of the mind and body in an infinite quantum dimension. I think what we think of as reality is really more like a dream we’re subconsciously or possibly collectively creating. We subconsciously create our physical selves and what we call reality based upon our beliefs and perceptions. What we think of as physical and material is actually no more real than the electronic letters on this screen.
    Row row row your boat
    gently down the stream
    merrily merrily merrily
    life is but a dream……

  6. The problem is that your scenario sticks its head in the sand when it comes to the question of “origins.”
    Don’t feel bad – you are not alone. Most scientist also fail to address the issue of origins (evolution does NOT even imagine an answer to the origins question) ie where did I come from and where did the universe come from?
    The problem is that the Universe by nature is finite ie the universe can be divided into measurable portions – the infinite cannot be divided into measurable portions – therefore the Universe (and time for the same reason) is finite – and is therefore NOT self explanatory in regard to cause and effect.
    An Infinite Creator God is still the unavoidable, unassailable logical explanation for the universe, natural law, and even the existence of the intangible, immaterial language we call “logic.”

  7. of course anything is possib le
    but the one thing i know wont be as it is, is the human description of this ‘god’
    whatever this god is, it wont be that, as that is impossible and improbable
    we, have no evidence of any god, but have millions of theorys, ideas, opinions, claims, philosiphys,
    but untill there is evidence, that is all the are
    this doesnt change my views on spirituality, i take notice of the thing sin life that are not ‘material’ or ‘physical’
    its entirely possible we are allpart of some ‘one hive consciousness’
    and maybe that is this ‘god’, i just dont know, there is still no evidence to support it, so its still just another idea, and even a remote possiblity in my view
    and thats why i dont ‘believe’ in any
    there is nothing to suport it or prove it
    i already know its not the rleigious varient, that is clear if you know even the slightest thing about humans and our brain
    so then, its not really ‘god’ is it
    at least, not the god we are often describing here, its a different thing, and so shoudl probably have a different name
    such as gaia, its not ‘god’ either, its its own seperate idea to a god

  8. Haha, I came to this conclusion about a year ago (through a different method than what you are describing though) and I have been wondering if there is actually a name for this beleif? I mean it’s a little like pantheism but not quite . . . and I don’t know what to say when people ask me what my beliefs are :S I know I’m not exactly answering your question but could you maybe answer mine?? 😀

  9. I was asked recently how I can be an atheist and “believe in” Archangel Michael. I’m re-posting my answer to that question here. It may not exactly answer your question, but I think it’s a beginning. I’d be happy to discuss it further if you like.
    Well. . . .
    First of all I wouldn’t say I “believe in” Archangel Michael, any more than I “believe in” Bill Clinton, my brother, or elephants. I take his existence as a given, a fact. I certainly don’t worship him, any more than I worship Bill Clinton, my brother, or elephants.
    I think the energies of gods, goddesses, angels, etc and etc are symbols of natural forces that exist in nature, and therefore exist in us too. I think people deify these forces because they don’t understand them. I’m very comfortable with things I don’t understand 🙂 So I can easily relate to Archangel Michael. I also relate to the Greek goddess Artemis, and the Chinese goddess Kwan Yin very strongly.
    I would also say that being an atheist doesn’t mean I don’t relate to soul and/or spirit. I most certainly do. I just don’t attribute it to god, but think it’s a natural thing. My eyes are brown, my hair is red, I have a soul. Simple, natural, no more to it than that. 🙂


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