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Pondering, Is "cosmic consciousness" in conflict with the concept of evolution, evolution of what?


  1. Not at all. cosmic consciousness only makes sense if the cosmic world should have enough sense to evolve itself to adapt to ever changing situations.

  2. no, not at all. Evolution is a perfectly logical, intelligent process, and provable. Cosmic consciousness is a metaphysical idea that may or may not be true, but it doesn’t in any way contradict the scientific basis of evolution, and evolution has no bearing on cosmic consciousness—–however, it DOES have a bearing on human consciousness.

  3. no, the cosmic consciousness makes the most sense out of all other beliefs. Evolution make no comment on it whatsoever.

  4. No I don’t think it is. Although I’m not so quick to dismiss any connection between the two as some of the above posters have.
    If cosmic consciousness is in anyway true, then evolution would have to work around it. It may even be one of the driving forces behind evolution. I don’t see any conflict though. Not really sure what you’re getting at, Uncle. Unless you’re going to tell the Atheists that God is the cosmic consciousness, and therefore doesn’t conflict with evolution at all. That would be entertaining to read ;D

  5. no if we are to leap forward into a mass consciousness that in itself would be an evolutional slide forward. Learning how to use the mind and it’s possibilities is a huge development in our race.

  6. Cosmic consciousness is the concept of a vaster interconnectedness in a universal way.
    Evolution is the process of learning, growing and adapting through generations.
    They don’t conflict but compliment each other.

  7. No.
    Having said that, one would need to define ‘consciousness’.
    I doubt the cosmos would have any type of consciousness that would entail having and-or acting on any desires-needs let alone have any goals written on a papyrus somewhere.


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