Home Discussion Forum POLL: Why doesn't the CIA use clairvoyants to find Osama Bin Ladin?

POLL: Why doesn't the CIA use clairvoyants to find Osama Bin Ladin?

A: Because US clairvoyants are expensive
B: Osama is wearing a tin foil hat to block signals
C: CIA has orders not to “”find” Osama
D: Clairvoyants are charlatans
E:_____________ (fill in your own)

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  1. E!!Just remember the CIA is not gonna tell anyone their unconventional methods,but trust me they know where he is and its not the mountains of afghanistan,but in arabia protected by his large wealthy family.

  2. E. The CIA was experimenting with “Psychic Warriors” for I think about 30 years, some say the project failed and they scraped it others say it went covert and underground theres a book on the subject and some declassified papers. you should look into it.

  3. E. Didn’t you see the new Indiana Jones movie? The commies are way ahead of us in the mind race! The CIA’s psychic program couldn’t clairvoyant its way out of a paper bag!

  4. I should choose one, but I am am split between B and D.
    I have to choose them both to cover all basis, because if I am wrong about them being charlatans, then for sure the CIA would have some working for them and Osama must then be wearing a tin foil hat.

  5. The answer is C….sort of.
    The CIA already knows where he is. The secret government is uninterested in finding him. As long as he remains “missing” the war can go on.
    This is coming from a psychic hippie. Down with the man!

  6. E:Lack of funding.
    Remote viewing has been researched by the military in a number of countries world wide but wasn’t giving enough returns to justify funding so fell out of favour.There were a few cases of remote viewers turning up useful info in cases in the past but I’m not aware of any recent ones although they may still use it but don’t publicise it.

  7. They don’t need to. They know exactly where he is.
    He’ s got papers on everyone else, so they just leave him alone.

  8. C. Is likely you won’t believe it but someone secret I know of, said he is “probably dead?”, like yeah! And this person is so secret even his boss doesn’t know where he is.

  9. CIA is an all men’s club, sadly…and Clarie Voyance has a pair. Plus she’s gay and busy working in California to overturn Prop 8, and try to identify the gutless, godless people with tiny penises and miserable love lives….ergo…..she’s to busy to worry about Osama,.
    Besides, why not let GW make good on his promise to find him? He’s still
    got two months before Granny Crabtree bakes another one of her delicious Crow Pies, and carves him up a big slice…..

  10. E. McCain knows how to get him & is saving it until he gets what he wants. So why should they pay to have someone else tell them what they can find out for free from McCain.

  11. E. The US government has experimented with using psychics before, and I assume they still are. I’m sure we only know a fraction of the work they are doing with various psychics.
    That’s not to say they’re convinced of psychic abilities, but I assume they figure if there’s any chance, it’s worth a shot.

  12. I have reasons to believe that C: is a partial answer. The rest of the answer has to do with political unrest. (You’ll have to work on that one)

  13. E …..It’s a cover up, they have Bin Ladin in a secret place. This way they get to do what they want using Bin Ladin as an excuse.

  14. F: Freakin’ Lazy they are.
    FYI: I think none of us missed the ‘jab’ at a certain sub-culture population. What you ran out of people to hate today?


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