Poll-time, do you think gay relationships?





are healthy?
I am wondering if over-stimulation in the same sex
can cause imbalances in the chakras? Please only informed or mature people answer
Repeat: my que is: can excessive attention from the same sex reverse
or clog the polarity in the sacral-chakra, leading to heart-chakra problems?


  1. Yes I think it’s healthy what could make it unhealthy it’s just to people who happen to be the same sex showing love for each other are you saying it’s wrong for humans to love each other , are you saying it’s ok for two humans beings to love each other as long as they are the opposite sex . People have the right to love each other no matter their sex or race the same could be said that for people of different races .
    bad food clogs your heart idiot not being with the same sex and chakra deals with the flow of energy in your body . Stop making up nonsense to justify hate
    Melody ‚??‚??

  2. I haven’t been in one, but I’ve thought of them plenty and people say that I seem very spiritually healthy, and that I radiate happiness.
    Maybe another part of your life is out of balance?

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