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POLL: Supreme TELEKINISIS vs. Hardcore Empathy and TELEPATHY?

You can move anything with your mind… even yourself resulting in flight.
You can read other’s minds at will, feel their emotions and even influence them and their thoughts. Everyone is an open book to you and you can search through thier brains and their histories like a file drawer
Which power is better and which would you chose?


  1. I’m not for taking advantage of people’s thought so I’d go with the telekinesis. Fun stuff right there, flight?? Hell yeah!

  2. def telepathy, i’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall, then i could do it without shape shifting ! woohoo

  3. interesting question, i sat here for a few minutes trying to decide, but i failed haha.
    I would want the second one, that way i would be able to change the world, rather than what’s around me.


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