Poll: How many of you believe in the supernatural (ghosts, premonitions, astral projection, etc.) and why?

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Any personal experiences or do you just believe it because you’ve heard about them from others who say they’ve experienced something?

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No,they are demons playing tricks. I am Christian,and I don’t really believe in that stuff.


i believe in it..
personal experience..


I believe in ghosts. Cause my old house is haunted. And even my parents grandparents, family ect. Admits it. And I mean c’mon they are adults! :)) I think its cooool though 🙂

Comrade Otto

Im not sure. I had a very surreal experience with a friend on acid once where we both thought we were stopping time amongst other things but Im not sure whether to put that down to the drugs or not. But it was a weird thing because everything he described was happening I was getting the same. Its a moment Ill never be able to properly explai
I dont believe in Ghosts though. Howev er I experience deja vu constantly and I swear I have dreams about how my life is going to be and then it happens a few years later. Again Im really not sure

dirty deeds

mostly i do believe in ghosts and such, but nothing has actually ever happened to me.
theres just so much in this world we cant explain, and so many people out there who have seen something or experienced something. they cant all be crazy.

A Unique Mind

Yes I believe in the supernatural. The supernatural is simply natural normal stuff that we have yet to understand. In time all supernatural stuff will be understood & be perfectly normal. My life is full of paranormal experiences. Some of it I wont share as nobody would believe it anyway & I would be labeled a freaking nutcase. I am not comfortable telling others in detail the crazy shit I have experienced anyway. But I can tell you I have had experiences with ghosts, seen & heard many weird things, & I do astral projection as well.
Most people who actually take the time to seriously study the supernatural/paranormal (like myself) with an open mind become believers in it. It is hard to go through it all & come out of it still as a non believer.
By far the main reasons people fail to believe is because:
1) They don’t experience it themselves & have a hard time believing in what they cannot sense.
2) They are uneducated in the subject & base their opinions on the very little knowledge they currently have.
3) They cannot get past the idea that there is more to life that they can perceive or what today’s science can prove.
Any intelligent/awakened/enlightened person would clearly know the supernatural/paranormal is real.

Only the beginning

Is this an either/or?
yes I believe in some.
I play pac man sometimes.
Kidding Yes I do believe in goats and a few other Metaphysical things. Alot of it seems rather goofy then too (e ,g,. time travel and other things that are irrationally goofy Nothing is clearly evident.But yes I believe in Spirits.
I have never tasted death off hand but then who says reality must be empirically true? (What makes sense) I cam really only tell you this, Anyone who has came very close to dieing do believe in spirituality.
and i have discussed this with older professors that i have been close to in the past.
premonitions? I don’t really think so not in this day anyway.
Astral projection? that would be similar to cosmic influenses that enter into your psyche? Like (psychic determinism?) Sorry that has been a word i haven’t used in a while. But yes I think it is alright to say i somehow or somewhere have a place that was for me to be known in the past. It is something alright to discuss. I can say i agree with it about as much as I do premonitions which is not that much but still is there. what that means is only saying I can rationally see astro[rprojection as being true but not as true as premonitions
sumerizing I do believe in some spirits and not others. Shall I go on? If not i will bore everybody here as well as you on what is rationally yet realisticly clear.(Like my birthday on tues)
Muah LOL


Yes, best beloved i believe in all of the above. Through my own experiences and also the way of life and belief structure i was raised in.
Ghosts are the spirits of our ancestors and they are always around us.
We are all born with the abilty to see them, hear them and feel them but some people permit society to close them down. We all have the ability to Astral travel too. Do a little research and you will find it’s possible to rekindle your own abilities.


I’ve had several experiences- I just had this article published about some of them that happened in Cripple Creek Colorado:

Eclectic Witch ਹੇਰ੍ਮਨ੍

I believe in those.
Because I’ve experienced them

Sara B

I believe in ghost 100% . I think there are some ghost in my house. Like it feels like they are touching me. I friend thinks so 2 because she can feel the same thing when she comes over here. And some times I tear weird noises. Once my bowl i had on my desk just feel off when i was singing. weird. I so believe in them. And i see shadow when i glance around my house sometimes.




im a beleiver


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