Politics & Government regulars: Do you find it annoying when people claim psychic powers to know your thoughts?

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and motivations for asking a question or giving a particular answer?

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I totally know why you asked this question. 🙂 I like when they try to guess my religion too.
BTW, I can bend spoons with my mind.


Yes that and more.


Not really. It helps me to sort out the people who are capable of presenting a decent argument on their own merit from the ones who aren’t capable of original thought and can only parrot what they read and hear. If someone is accusing me of saying something based on political affiliation alone, they obviously didn’t read very well and don’t know me. But, I know at that point that they have locked themselves into a narrow minded little box and that they are to be ignored going foward.

The real matthew

Sometimes. I’m sort of used to it now though. I just try to laugh at it.

tangerine(R.I.P. Patrick Swayze)

I don’t know if they claim to have psychic powers, but I know that a lot of them certainly make a lot of ASSumptions, and we know what they say about ASSuming, don’t we?:)


It is the thing here I despise the most–having a liberal answer and say what we think. It might not bug me if it were ever true at any level.

Austin S

Yeah, and I ask them what I’m thinking at the moment.


Yes and they’re always wrong. They’ve confused psychic with psychotic.

Subject 2 Change

Do I find it annoying, No…. when I disagree with a Republican on the economy or foreign policy and then; they call me a “Liberal” (having NO idea how I feel on “Gun Control” or Immigration”) – I find it amusing. People that can’t see the forest for all the trees, well… they crack me up.

Destroy things.

Ryan G, why the deep concerned for the USA “poor”. How about the poor in the USA that need jobs?
I really think you are a crafty SOB looking out for ur own investments in China.By the way the majority of our food comes from the USA


Usually it just amuses me, and of course I get to respond.
Pssssst…”Ruth”, FYI, it’s not just “liberals” who do this, dearie. Just wanted you to know.


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