Pokemon Trade: Can someone please trade me a legit Darkrai?

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I really would like to obtain the Alamas Darkrai event Pokemon. I am from the UK and couln’t make it to the US Toys ‘r Us event 🙁
I am offering more than one event Pokemon in return:
Event Shaymin movie 11 with the ribbon fresh from wifi event
Event 10 ANIV Celebi
Event Japanese Mew
Aura Mew
I am giving my Shaymin away because I took more than 1 Pokemon cartridge to the event, I have 3 spare Shaymin with a docile, adamant, quirky natures. All these are holding micle berry and I obtained them at the Birmingham event Apr 16th 2009. The ribbon is the classic ribbon (a ribbon that proclaims love for all Pokemon).
I can trade you 2 legitamate event Shaymin.
Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you that you may offer the Alamas Darkrai.
Name: Kieran
OT: 4082 1498 3376
More Pokemon to offer:
Event Shiny Event Ho-oH (MATTLE)
Event Deoxys (Space C)
Event Shiny Celebi (Ageto)
Event Mew Lvl 10 (met at level 50)
I only want to see people answer my question and not answering randomness just because you feel you need to answer something. Jeez

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hey i dont play pokemon games but i collect the cards i got loads of sick cards ill trade with you if u got email me on zenetchells@googlemail.com

Eat aEtheism EMANUEL

gaargh I wish I had that darakai now, to get the celibi

Bill Splendor

Forget It!!!
I can’t give you my Alamas Darkrai for THAT.
I can give you Mewto though.

Keira L

I can trade you the darkrai if you are interested it is at level 100


i have a legit darkrai from pokemon platinum, not the US event, sorry. If you still want it then ( I know this is a loot to ask but this is DARKRAI) can i have ho-oh, mew, celebi and shaymin? If not then can a have any 3 pleasee??? If not then mayb 2? if you give me all then i will throw in a masterball and a latios. all legit. Pleasee.
Email me if your interested


I have 2 Legit Darkrai. For Event Shiny Event Ho-oH (MATTLE). My Game name is Jay and FC is 32231887 8811. On wifi on weekends and right NOW.


I need a mew, Darkrai, sHAYMIN, AND Arceus. Can some please trade with me. Can you email me.


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